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What is Car Sharing Insurance?

What is Car Sharing Insurance and who is it for? Find out how this flexible, on-demand, temporary cover can help you out when you need a car.

Kate O'Brien
by Kate O'Brien

Car sharing insurance is affordable, short-term, standalone cover that sits alongside a car’s annual insurance policy. It allows you to borrow a friend or family member’s car on a temporary basis, from one hour up to 60 days.

This is super useful if you just need to pick up someone from the airport, borrow mum’s car when you’re home from uni, or get away for a last-minute weekend break.

Cover can be bought up to 60 days in advance. Or it can start instantly. Up to you! It’s the perfect choice for any time you need to borrow a car.

Who can use car sharing insurance?

We cover drivers with full GB licences from 17 years old and up.

We know that car ownership can be expensive. Car sharing can be a cost-effective option for those who can’t justify the cost of buying a vehicle. Especially if they don’t need to use one regularly.

Eyeing up your parent’s convertible MG? Steady on… For more powerful or expensive cars we may restrict cover based on age. But it’s easy enough to check.

What level of cover is provided?

Whether you’re the one lending out your car, or the person doing the driving, it’s important to know that you’re always covered.

That’s why we provide fully comprehensive cover. This is the maximum level of cover you can get. It means you’re covered for damage to your car and to other people’s cars. It also covers injuries to those involved.

So, if the car’s yours, you can feel safe in the knowledge that it’s covered up to the current market value if the borrower needs to make a claim.

Does the car need to already have insurance?

Yep, the car needs to have its own annual policy in place for car sharing insurance to be valid.

The owner doesn’t need to be an Admiral customer though. You can use car sharing insurance regardless of which company provides the main insurance policy, as long as it’s not a trader’s policy. This is unlikely to apply to you unless you work in the motor trade business.

If you’re the borrower, we provide you with your own policy, which sits alongside the existing policy. This means that if you do need to make a claim, the owner’s policy won’t be affected, and neither will their no-claims bonus. Additionally, as the driver, you can even earn your own no-claims bonus. You’re welcome.

When can I use car sharing insurance?

Car sharing insurance can be used whenever you need to borrow your workmate, friend or family member’s car. If you’re home from uni for the holidays, it’s the perfect way to catch up with friends, or work a few shifts to pay off that expensive social life.

Or maybe you want to split a long journey. Perhaps they need driving around as they’re injured / unwell / hungover. In any case, cover’s available from one hour to 60 days, and can be bought instantly… So the possibilities are more-or-less endless!

Kate O'Brien
Kate O'Brien

I'm the social and content executive at Veygo and have been driving for 5 years. I love driving and the freedom it gives you!

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