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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy and Security


This privacy policy will help you understand how we collect, use and protect your personal data. You should also show this notice to anyone else whose details you provide to us, such as the owner of the vehicle or any additional drivers.

You acknowledge that by providing your personal data to us, you consent to its processing in the manners outlined below. When providing personal data about others, you confirm that you have the consent of these individuals to supply their personal data. We are unable to offer you any product or service that requires the processing of special category data, as defined in all relevant UK data protection legislation including the GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018, and PECR, unless you provide explicit consent for the collection and use of such data.

Who we are

Veygo is a trading name of the data controller EUI Limited (Registered Number 02686904). EUI Limited is part of Admiral Group plc.

Companies within Admiral Group plc:

We use the following data processors to assist in your application for, and active membership of, the Veygo platform; this includes the purchase of insurance products and communication with other members:

At all times, EUI Limited will remain the data controller.

Data we collect

We collect personal data and special category personal data as part of providing services to you. We may also monitor or record calls, emails, SMS messages or other communications in accordance with UK law.

We may collect your Driving Licence Number (DLN or “MyLicence”) as part of your application for car sharing insurance (in some cases, we may not be able to insure you without this information) or when you make a claim. For details relating to information held about you by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (“DVLA”) please visit and To view your driving licence, visit


Types of data we may collect


Examples of personal data we may collect include:


Examples of sensitive personal data we may collect includes:


The number is used to do an automatic check with the DVLA driver database, to retrieve the required information. The provided information is:



We monitor or record calls, emails, SMS messages or other communications for:

When data is collected

We will collect your personal data when:

How your data is used

We will use your data for:

Legitimate Interests

There are certain circumstances where we process your personal data for our legitimate business interests. These can be commercial or societal benefits and in order for us to process your data, we will always balance our interests against your own to ensure it is fair.

The following processes rely on legitimate interest:

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can telephone us on 0333 220 2062, or write to us at Admiral Group plc, Ty Admiral, David Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EH

Driving Licence Number (“MyLicence”)

We will collect your Driving Licence Number (DLN or “MyLicence”) as part of your application for motor insurance (as we will not be able to insure you without this information), or when you make a claim.

The number is used to do an automatic check with the DVLA driver database, to retrieve the required information. The provided information is:

The data provided by the DVLA may be used alongside other information you have provided:

They will not be used for any other purpose, or be made available for anyone else. Only the motor insurance industry may use this information. If you apply for a quote with us, or membership of the platform, and don’t decide to take out insurance with us or complete your registration, the data returned from the DVLA database will be anonymised or deleted no later than 30 days after receipt of that data.

Please note that under our User Agreement with the Motor Insurance Bureau, individual agents do not have access to the data returned by a DLN search and as such will not be able to discuss issues relating to your DLN with you. In these instances, we suggest checking the information associated with your DLN is correct at

Dealing with other people

With the exception of cancellation (General Condition 4), it is our policy to deal with any acceptable contacts.

An acceptable caller is:

If you would like someone else to deal with your policy on your behalf on a regular basis please let us know.

Claim process

To ensure an efficient and speedy claim process we will take instruction from you or from any other person you have confirmed as an acceptable caller. If you would like someone else to deal with your claim on your behalf please let us know.

If you give us data about another person, in doing so you confirm that they have given you permission to provide it to us to be able to process their personal data (including any special category personal data) and also that you have told them who we are and what we will use their data for, as set out in this policy.



Admiral Group plc has various offerings from time to time we would like to keep you informed of news, products or services, including but not limited to insurance (e.g. other automotive, insurance, legal or financial products, or other carefully selected offers or promotions which we feel may be of interest to you).

If you have visited our site and have selected to view a quote, we may contact you, by telephone or other means, to discuss your quote and the cover options available to you.

Other carefully selected companies may also contact you by post. If you have opted in to receive emails, SMS or telephone calls from other selected companies, you may also be contacted about other products that we believe may be of interest to you by these contact methods.

If you would like to alter your marketing preferences please click here or write to the Marketing Department, EUI Limited, Tŷ Admiral, David Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EH.

Our technology

We collect data about you through the use of technology such as cookies and device fingerprinting.
Click here to view our full Cookie Policy.


Managing, Disabling And Enabling Cookies

You have the ability to accept or decline cookies from any website by modifying the settings in your browser. If you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by our website, you can do this through your browser settings. For information about how to manage and disable cookies you can use the ‘Help’ function within your browser or please visit or However, please note that by deleting or disabling cookies this could affect the functionality of our website and you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site.

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites click here.

Who has access to your data

Apart from ourselves, other companies that may have access to your data include:

Request your data

You have a number of rights as a data subject. Please note that these rights do not apply in all circumstances.

In order to access the data we hold about you, you need to make a Subject Access Request (SAR).


To make an SAR please email us at:

Please write to:
Head of Customer Assurance
Subject Access Request
Ty Admiral
David Street
Cardiff CF10 2AA

Please provide:

    1. Your name, address, policy/claim number and details of what information you would like.
    2. Identification documents; one which shows your name and signature (e.g. a copy of your passport) and one which shows your name and address (e.g. a copy of a recent bill or bank statement or other official document).We will accept just one identification document if it shows your name, address and signature, such as a copy of your driving licence. (This is to take reasonable steps to confirm your identity before providing you with details of any personal data we may hold about you.)

Please note that if your SAR involves the personal data of other people or you are making a request on behalf of another (such as a parent on behalf of their child), we may need identification from these individuals, as well as a signed letter of authority from them confirming that they are happy for you to act on their behalf and for us to release their data to you.

Once we have received your written request and identification documents, we will have one month to fulfil your request.
Your other rights as a data subject, where applicable, include:

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