Refer a friend – get £10 each

Share Veygo with your friends and you’ll both get a £10 voucher when they buy a new policy. Simply log into your account to get your unique sharing link today.

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Refer your friends and get £10 each

Earn rewards when you refer someone to Veygo.

Share with as many friends as you like and when they buy a policy, you’ll both be rewarded with a £10 voucher to spend at Amazon or Uber Eats.

What’s not to love.

How it Works


Invite your friends and family – simply send them your sharing link.


Your friend buys a policy using the sharing link (min. spend £30)


You’re both rewarded with a £10 voucher.

FAQs about referring your friends and family

How do I refer a friend?

Visit and click Get your sharing link – log in using your Veygo login details and you’ll see your referrals dashboard with your unique sharing link.  Simply start sharing your referral link with as many friends and family members as you like – the more people that buy, the more rewards you’ll get. Easy!

What Veygo insurance can I refer people to?
Veygo offers motor insurance for learners, new drivers and those who are looking for flexible pay-as-you-go insurance. Your friend can buy any of our motor insurance policies that we offer on
Do I get a voucher for just referring a friend?  

Not exactly, your friend must go on and buy motor insurance from Veygo with a minimum spend of £30 and within the terms and conditions of the Refer a Friend Reward Scheme.

Is there a limit on the number of vouchers I can get? 

You can refer as many people as you like, and your vouchers will be rewarded once your friend’s motor insurance meets the criteria outlined in our terms and conditions.

Does my friend get any rewards? 

Yes, once they have signed up to the refer a friend scheme, then bought motor insurance with a minimum spend of £30 and in line with the terms and conditions, they will also get a £10 voucher.

What can I spend my £10 voucher on?
You’ll be given a choice of either a £10 voucher for Amazon or Uber Eats. You’ll be sent an email with instructions on how to claim your chosen voucher.
How will we both get our vouchers?

You will both get an email, which will take you to a page to choose your voucher (Amazon or Uber Eats). If you choose Amazon, you’ll get an email with your voucher code ready to spend.

If you choose Uber Eats, the email will contain a link to follow to add your voucher to your Uber account. If you don’t have an Uber account, you can create one and your voucher will be added.

Why didn’t I get my reward?

Your friend must spend a minimum of £30 and be a new customer in order for you both to qualify for your reward. Please note, it can take up to 30 days for the rewards to be granted.

Also, to ensure we can validate your reward, your friend must click the unique link shared with them and register, ensuring the same email address is used when buying the Veygo policy. If the friend doesn’t buy right away, they should click any link from the emails they’ve received or re-use the unique sharing link again when they’re ready to buy.

What if my friend has already bought from Veygo?  
Your friend must be a new customer for you both to qualify for Refer a Friend Reward Scheme.
What if I have any more questions?

We will be happy to help, so please contact us via our web form at if you have any more questions.