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Learner driver insurance

Flexible cover for learner drivers

Learner driver insurance is an easy way to get extra practice in your own car, or a friend or family member’s car.

Green TickBe on the road in minutes

Green Tick1 hour to 180 days

Green TickNo impact on the owners no claim bonus!

learner driver insurance

What do customers think?

Three reasons to choose learner driver insurance…

driving test

Cover for your test

Looking for cover for your driving test?  No problem!  We could cover you up until you pass your test.*

pass plate

Practice more

Practice in your own time that's convenient for you, be on the road in minutes with our flexible cover.

no claims bonus

Peace of mind

No need to worry about the owner's policy if you're borrowing a car, their no claims bonus won’t be affected if you need to make a claim.

*Once you’ve passed you’ll no longer be a learner driver, so you’ll need alternative temporary cover for the drive home.


View our learner driver insurance guide


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Choose the right quote for you

Most of our customers pay just £7.30 for 3 hours or £54.43 for 4 weeks. Our flexible cover makes it as affordable as possible to get insured with a provisional licence.

All prices based on what most of 64,483 Veygo customers would pay for the displayed times (Sept 2022)

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Am I eligible for learner driver insurance?

To apply for provisional insurance, there are a few boxes for you and your car to check.

As a driver:

Green TickYou must be between 17 and 75 years old.

Green TickYou should have a valid UK provisional licence.

Green TickYou should not have any penalty points. Also, you must not have been disqualified in the last 18 months.

Green TickIt may affect your ability to get learner driver cover if you’ve had any claims or motoring convictions.

Green TickYou can get learner driver insurance on your car or someone else's. If you're not the legal car owner then learner driver cover sits alongside the owner’s insurance, and cannot be the main policy.

Green TickAlso, you need to get the car owner’s permission to get insured on it.

As for the car:

Green TickIt has to be less than 40 years old.

Green TickThe car must be registered in the UK.

Green TickIt’s possible to get cover for a lease car, but not a hire or rental vehicle.

What is learner driver insurance?

As a provisional licence holder you can get valuable on-road experience with the help of Veygo Learner Driver.

To be added to a friend or family member’s policy as a learner driver can be very costly and could affect their No Claims Bonus if you have a bump – this cover protects them from that and keeps prices down.

You can choose to be covered by the hour, day, week or month and you can get a quote in under 2 minutes. The cover will only be valid if you’re accompanied by a full UK driving licence holder and will end once you pass your test.

To find out more please read our guide on this subject.

Car owners, here's what you need to know

Our comprehensive learner driver insurance works alongside the main policy already in place on your car. It protects the provisional licence holder while also helping to preserve your No Claims Bonus – if they were to make a claim your No Claims Bonus would remain intact. In the event of total loss, the car will be covered up to the current market value.

Adding a provisional licence holder to your policy can incur an admin fee and cause your premium to increase. Veygo’s Learner Driver Insurance means that there are no admin fees to add a driver and the learner driver can pay for the insurance themselves!

Learner Driver Insurance is available from two hours right up to 90 days, just so long as you have your own policy in place on the car at all times. The cover will end once the provisional licence holder passes their practical driving test, becoming a full licence holder.

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Looking for our temporary car insurance?

Our temporary insurance options can cover you from 1 hour
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Frequently asked questions

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    What is Learner Driver Insurance?

    As a provisional licence holder, you can get valuable on-road experience with the help of Veygo learner driver insurance.

    Getting added to a friend or family member’s insurance policy as a learner driver can be costly and could affect their no claims bonus if you have a bump – this cover protects you from that and keeps prices down with either insurance on your own car or borrowing a car. You can choose to be covered from 1 hour, a day, a week or month...and you can get a quote in minutes.

    To find out more check out our guide to learner driver insurance.

  • opener

    Isn’t this dual insurance?

    Nope. Dual insurance is when the same person has two active policies on the same vehicle.


    As long as you’re not named on the car owner’s policy, or any other policy covering the car you want to learn in, you’ll be fine to take out learner driver cover.

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    Will it affect the car owner’s No Claims Bonus if I claim?

    Good news – it won’t. Learner driver insurance provides you with your own separate insurance for the car. So if you're borrowing someone else's car and have to make a claim, it won’t affect the car owner’s no-claims bonus. This also means they don’t need to declare it when renewing their insurance.

  • opener

    What is the policy excess? How much is it?

    The excess on your policy is how much you have to pay out first if there’s a claim. You can choose £100 or £250 compulsory excess on our provisional insurance if you need to make a claim. You can find the excess for windscreen claims in your insurance policy schedule, within your account.

  • opener

    Who can supervise me when I learn to drive?

    Any driver over 21 who’s held a current and valid full licence for at least three years (from countries in the EU and EEC) can supervise a learner driver. They must be qualified to drive the type of vehicle the learner is practising in. So, for example, an automatic licence holder can’t supervise someone in a manual vehicle.

  • opener

    Can I use Veygo learner driver insurance to take my test?

    Yes. You may be asked to take a copy of your certificate of insurance with you, which is available to download as a PDF document within your Veygo account. Please log in, go to ‘My account’ and select ‘Purchases’.


    Important: If you pass your test, this insurance will no longer be valid, as it only covers provisional licence holders. This means you won’t be able to drive home from the test centre. But you can get a quote for our temporary cover if you continue sharing the car. Good luck!

  • opener

    Can I take my driving test in my own car?

    Yes. You can get learner driver insurance on your own car to take your practical driving test.


    Bear in mind that the car needs to meet certain requirements, such as:


    • It must be taxed.
    • It must be roadworthy, and have a current MOT if it’s over 3 years old.
    • There must be no warning lights showing.
    • You need to display front and rear L-plates (or optional D-plates in Wales).
    • You need to fit an extra internal rear-view mirror for the examiner.

    You can see the full list of requirements at GOV.UK.


    Important: If you pass your test, this insurance will no longer be valid, as it only covers provisional licence holders. This means you won’t be able to drive home from the test centre. But you can get a quote for our temporary cover if you continue sharing the car. Good luck!

  • opener

    How do I extend my policy?

    We don’t currently offer insurance policy extensions, but you can take out more insurance online in next to no time. We save your details to make getting a quote even easier the second time around. Just log in, and you’re ready to roll!

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    Can I cancel my policy?

    Yes. You can cancel your insurance policy through your account. Go to ‘Purchases’, choose the insurance policy you wish to cancel, and tap ‘End Policy’. If your policy has been active for over 30 days, you’ll get a pro-rata refund. But if your insurance policy is 30 days or below, there won’t be any refund due. For full terms and conditions, check out the learner driver insurance policy book.


    Find out how to cancel your insurance policy step by step.

  • opener

    Why have I been declined cover?

    We know it can be frustrating to be declined when applying for insurance. Sadly we’re unable to provide specifics for each case. 


    It’s nothing personal, and hopefully we’ll be able to help you in the future.

  • opener

    Can I use Veygo to drive abroad?

    Our comprehensive cover extends to driving in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. However, when driving abroad, your policy will cover the minimum level of cover needed for the country that you're driving in.

  • opener

    How can I contact Veygo?

    Veygo is an online-only business, so we don’t have a number you can call. However, if you'd prefer to speak to us over the phone, ping us an email or send us a message. We’ll try to get back to you within 15 minutes, during our opening hours.


    You can also tweet us @VeygoUK, or contact us via Facebook Messenger.

    Find out our full contact details here.

  • opener

    Does learner insurance show on askMID?

    Yes it does show up on askMID. It takes up to a week for the cover to show on the Motor Insurance Database. There should already be an annual insurance policy on the car if you’re sharing a friend or family member’s car. If you’re sharing a car and an annual insurance policy isn’t already in place, your cover won’t be valid.

  • opener

    Does learner insurance count towards your no claims?

    Our learner insurance doesn’t count towards your no claims. But on the bright side, if you do need to make a claim, it won’t impact the car owner’s no-claims bonus. 

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    Is learner driver insurance compulsory?

    Yes. If you’re doing private practice outside of your lessons it’s compulsory to take out learner insurance. If you’re only driving with a qualified instructor, your insurance will usually be covered as part of the price of your lesson. 

  • opener

    Can I get learner insurance on my own car?

    Yes. You can get learner driver insurance on your own car to practice driving in preparation for your practical driving test.

  • opener

    What happens to my learner insurance when I pass?

    Once you pass your driving test, your learner insurance is no longer valid. Here’s what to do if you still have an active learner policy.


  • opener

    Can I put a learner driver on my insurance?

    This may be an option depending on your insurance policy. But it can be very costly, and some insurers don’t allow it. Our learner insurance is designed to sit alongside your existing insurance, and it won’t affect your no-claims bonus.

Need more help?  Check out our help centre.

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