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Insurance. We're making it personal

Fed up of the game ‘insurance’? So are we. We’re making it personal to you, not throwing you into a generic pool of big prices. We give you a new price each month so you start saving straight away.

Why is my insurance so expensive?

Insurance traditionally just give you a price once a year, based on a criteria you can never change. Which results in your price going up year on year, even though you have been driving more and have more experience. We think that is pretty unfair.

We have spoke to loads of drivers, just like you, that think insurance doesn’t price you fairly and can often feel impersonal to you.

If this sounds like your experience with insurance, then scroll on and see what we plan to do about it!

We’re creating fairer insurance...

Put simply, why should you have to wait a year for a new price? We’re want to create a pay monthly insurance that is personal to how you drive and rewards for every day of driving experience you get.

By giving you a new price each month, you will start saving straight away. There will also be many ways you can drop your price and we’ll support you on how you can actually make it cheaper… not hide behind algorithms and insurance jargon.

Simple to understand, fairly priced insurance. Sound good? See how you can help.

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We need your help

This bit is easy! We have a few simple, yes or no style questions that will ask what you would be willing to do lower your price. For this to work, we may need our customers to be more involved with their insurance. We’re not talking spy cameras or intrusive tracking, just simple things you can do day to day.


Hit the link below to get started with the survey.

Get involved!

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