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Flexible and fair car insurance for new drivers

We know drivers who’ve just passed their test struggle to find affordable car insurance. The reality is that a lot of car insurance claims are made by new drivers, so even the best drivers end up paying more. We’ve designed our New Driver car insurance so it’s fairer, less hassle and commitment free.

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What is new driver insurance?

With our telematics app, we’ll monitor your speed, hard braking and any interactions with the phone while driving, which means the better you drive, the lower your price. By using our telematics app while driving, your price will be reviewed every three months, so you’ll feel the benefits of good driving much quicker than you would on annual policies. There’s no black box to install on your car either – you just need to download our telematics app.

What data does the app collect?

Once you’ve downloaded the telematics app, it’s important that you keep it installed and activated on your phone.

The app is designed to monitor your speed, hard braking and any interactions with your phone while driving. Essentially, the safer you are on the road, the lower your price will be.

The app also collects data which shows us how often and where you drive and where you park. We can then use this data to verify your information and help us investigate claims.

Should you have an accident, we may also use the driving data to ensure your vehicle was being driven in accordance with your policy terms and conditions.

Following the activation of your app and throughout your policy, you agree to keep the telematics app activated and installed on your mobile phone. If your telematics app is inactive for 30 days, your telematics policy is at risk of being cancelled.

Intrigued? Here’s a snapshot of how it works… 


Get a quote through our website in the usual way. As a bonus, you’ll get 10% discount automatically applied if you used Veygo Learner Driver Insurance.


Download and activate the telematics app. 


Drive smoothly – watch your speed and braking and make sure you follow our guidance. 


Monitor your driving score and we’ll re-price your cover every three months. Depending on how well you’re driving, you could see discounts of up to 20% after three months and even 30% after nine months.

FAQs about new driver insurance

Are there any driving restrictions?
You can drive at any time of day, anywhere in the UK. However, Veygo new Driver insurance does not cover you outside of the UK. If you plan to drive internationally, you’ll need to look into other insurance options.
How is your driving score calculated?
Once you buy a policy with us you will have to download the ‘Veygo New Driver’ App, where we will measure your mobile use, speed, cornering, acceleration, and braking.
How will my subscription price change?
Your subscription price is directly linked to your driving score, which means it will change based on your driving behaviour. If your driving score reflects safe and responsible driving habits, your subscription price may decrease. However, if there are changes in your driving behaviour that affect your score negatively, your subscription price may increase. We know how important every pound is at the moment. Adjustments to your subscription price will come into effect every three months and will always be communicated to you in advance.
How will my data be used?
To see how we will use your data please visit our terms and conditions.
How do I manage my subscription?
To manage or cancel your subscription please log into your Veygo account on This cannot be done through the Veygo New Driver app. We will be adding this functionality in future releases.
Can I cancel my insurance subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your policy whenever you choose via your Veygo account on There are two choices for customers to cancel their subscription. If you wish to cancel your policy immediately please select this option – you will then be prompted to contact our customer support via the contact form on If you wish to cancel your policy at the end of current cycle please select this option, you will then be prompted to answer a short set of questions, before cancelling. Your policy will then end at the end of that month.