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New driver insurance

Flexible cover for NEW drivers

Have you just passed your practical driving test and want car insurance at a reasonable price? Check out our partners – Admiral LittleBox!

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Admiral LittleBox - Blackbox insurance

Admiral LittleBox – Black box insurance – also called telematics – is a type of car insurance which sees a small device fitted out-of-sight in your car and it measures how well you drive in order to reward safe drivers with discounted insurance.

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  • Buy LittleBox and start driving straight away

    Once you’ve purchased your LittleBox insurance you can start driving as soon as your policy starts, you don’t need to wait for LittleBox to be fitted to your car.

  • Get fitted with a LittleBox and carry on driving

    A LittleBox will be fitted to your car within 14 days, you don't need to wait for this to start driving and once it's fitted you can carry on driving as you normally would.

  • Get feedback and updates on your driving

    You'll be able to see how good a driver you are and get tips on how you can improve your driving score.

  • Get a lower price on your car insurance renewal

    The good news is safe drivers get a discount when it comes to renewal!

What does Littlebox measure?

This lets insurers price your cover accurately and fairly, based on how you drive rather than just your age and postcode.

  1. Cornering
  2. Braking
  3. Time of journey
  4. Length of journey
Veygo | Short-term cover

Why LittleBox could be your best black box cover

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