Types of people on every road trip

Are we there yet? It might remind you of the scene in Shrek but more often than not, you can usually pinpoint a certain someone that’s got that road trip role.

Road trip roles 

Driving with your mates is way more fun than driving alone, and aren’t road trips one of the biggest perks of getting your licence? When you’re headed off on an adventure, the journey and people in your car are just as important as the destination. Here are the 8 types of people on a road trip that you’re almost guaranteed to have:

1. The sat-nav

This road trip role is taken on by the person that always calls shotgun when a road trip is announced. They claim that their sense of direction is better than a GPS and they know all the shortcuts. In reality, they’ll direct you down the “scenic route” that makes your journey 110% longer and then throw a strop when you decide to follow the real sat-nav instead. 

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2. The sleepy one

Your car road trip is never complete without a napper. The sleepy one is incapable of staying awake for longer than five minutes in a car. Nobody understands how they manage to sleep through the karaoke and road rage from the front seat. If you’re the sleepy one – be warned. You’re guaranteed to feature on everyone else’s social media by the end of the trip.

3. The DJ

What’s a road trip without an epic playlist? This person takes their responsibility very seriously. They probably began putting the perfect list of tunes together before you even decided where you’re going. Make sure you choose someone that has the same music taste as you, or you’re in for a long ride.  

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4. The snack provider

This road trip planner is prepared, and everyone’s favourite person. They climb into the car ready with all the snacks you can think of – crisps, sweets, chocolates, and dips and drinks. Nobody goes hungry with this road trip role on board.

5. The small bladder

Probably everyone’s least favourite person. They chug three cups of tea before setting off and don’t put their water bottle down. Ever. They’ll announce every 40 minutes or so that they need a toilet stop. It’s great to take a break and stretch your legs every couple of hours but seriously, this one needs to chill out with the liquids.

6. The selfie taker

The person in the car who’s constantly on the ready and documents the entire road trip. They probably packed a selfie stick and chose a window seat to light up their best side. As annoying as the selfie takers might be, they also take a bunch of candid snaps and videos, capturing memories for you all to share later. After all… if it wasn’t on Instagram, did it even happen?

7. The road trip planner

This person is all about the destination, not the journey (unless there are things to find along the way). They started working on the itinerary weeks ago and haven’t left anything out. Sight-seeing? Don’t even have to queue. Best restaurants? Tables booked. Room for spontaneity with a road trip planner? Not so much.

8. The driver

The driver has the most underrated yet important road trip role. It’s their job to get everyone from A to B in one piece in the car that they’ve probably volunteered. It’s a pretty huge responsibility. Without the driver, the trip wouldn’t happen, so they should relax and have fun too. 

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