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Car insurance for 17 and 18 year olds

Affordable and trusted insurance for 17 and 18 year olds. 

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Temporary car insurance for 17 and 18 year olds

Whether you’re learning to drive or quickly need to borrow a family member’s car, with Veygo, you can get on the road with confidence, knowing you’re fully protected should the worst happen. 

You can pay for hourly, daily, or even monthly insurance, depending on your need – perfect for those that need emergency coverage or for bringing down the expensive costs associated with long-term insurance policies.

Get insured on the road today with a name you can trust.

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Why is car insurance so expensive for 17-18 year olds?

Car insurance policies are issued on risk. The riskier the driver is deemed, the more expensive the insurance. 

According to driving statistics, around one in five road users get into an accident in their first year of driving. Alarmingly, male drivers aged 17-24 make up 32% of road traffic accidents that result in serious injuries

Because young drivers make up such a disproportionate amount of road accidents, 17-18 year olds face some of the highest insurance premiums from the get-go.

While not all young drivers and recently-passed drivers are reckless, these statistics do have a bearing on how underwriters draft premiums. Unfortunately, this has the knock-on effect of increasing prices for all young drivers – especially those under the age of 20.

How can 17 and 18 year olds get cheaper car insurance?

While insuring 17 and 18-year-olds can be expensive – it’s not all doom and gloom. The price of insurance isn’t all in the hands of providers. There are steps 17- or 18-year-olds and parents of young drivers can take to slice premiums. These include:

Choosing the right car  Compact cars with smaller engines cost less to insure than large cars with higher-performance specifications.

Avoid modifications – Modifications do two things. They increase the car’s value – making it naturally more expensive to insure. And they also increase the likelihood of having an accident if mods are fitted improperly or by giving the driver a false perception of improved performance and handling – leading to reckless driving.

It’s not uncommon for insurance providers to void drivers’ policies if any illegal or undocumented modifications are found on the car in the event of an accident.

Consider additional qualifications – Any evidence you can show an insurance provider that lowers your risk factor goes a long way towards reducing insurance premiums.

Additional courses – like the Pass Plus scheme – demonstrate to insurance underwriters that you’re committed to being as safe as possible on the road. This makes you less of a risk to insurance companies and is rewarded with cheaper premiums as a result.

Look at different policy types – Telematic insurance policies – or ‘Black Box insurances as they’re commonly known – can slice the cost of insurance provided the driver’s vehicle data indicates safe driving and they follow the prescribed policy guidelines.

Only insure when you need to – Insurance over a year can be very costly for a young driver. Veygo’s temporary car insurance and learner driver insurance options mean you can insure your car only when you need it, helping to make insurance cheaper.

How much is car insurance for 17 and 18 year olds?

Even with a modest car and a small engine, insuring 17 and 18 year olds costs a staggering £1884 on average due to their inexperience and perceived risk to insurers. 

However, depending on insurance providers, the type of car, policy, requirements and additional experience, these costs can be brought down.

What type of car insurance is best for 17 and 18 year olds? 

For those looking to balance safety, security and price with their policies, we recommend one of the following options:

Temporary car insurance

Purchase insurance only when you need it – from one hour to 60 days. 

Find out more about our temporary car insurance here.

Learner driver insurance

If you haven’t passed yet, learner driver insurance will help you cover you from one hour to 180 days and allow you to get that extra practice in before your test. 

Find out more about our learner driver insurance here.

Black Box Insurance 

A fully comprehensive Black Box policy guarantees complete coverage of your car and anyone else’s in the event of an accident and the best price. 

Find out more about Admiral’s black box insurance here. 

For more information on our full range of policies and which ones are best suited to your needs, see our young driver insurance for all the details you need. 

What is covered in car insurance for 17 and 18 year olds?

Our range of temporary car insurance and learner driver insurance provides comprehensive coverage at an affordable price for as long as you need.

Our fully comprehensive policies protect against: 

Green TickAccidental damage

Green TickStandard accessories and spare parts

Green TickLock replacement

Green TickLiability to other people

Green TickLegal cover

Green TickFire and theft damage

Green TickAny permanently fitted audio/visual equipment

Green TickWindscreen damage

Green TickPersonal injury cover (optional)

Green TickPersonal belongings (optional)

What are the cheapest cars for 17 and 18 year olds to insure? 

Because insurance costs are so high for 17 to 18 year olds, younger drivers are recommended to choose those that bring premiums down. The safer the car is deemed, the cheaper it is to get insurance coverage. 

When companies calculate the cost of an insurance policy for a specific model, they consider many factors. The purchase price, repair costs, availability of parts for repair, saftey, engine torque, and horsepower all come into play when drafting insurance policies. 

For 17 and 18 year olds who’ve recently passed, the make and model of their first car are crucial to keeping costs down. Some of the best models for young drivers in the cheapest two insurance groups include: 

  • Ford KA
  • Kia Picanto
  • Fiat Panda
  • Hyundai ix20
  • Renault Twingo
  • Suzuki Splash 
  • Volkswagen UP!
  • Chevrolet Spark
  • Hyundai i10
  • Skoda Yeti

However, prices aren’t fixed to a particular model of car. Engine size, vehicle age and any sports or performance upgrades can later the prices. 

If you want to find out more about the models above, see our guide on the cheapest cars to insure. 

teen insurance, 17, 18, learner driver insurance

What are the best insurance groups for 17 and 18 years olds?

The lower a vehicle’s insurance group, the cheaper the policy costs – which is important with premiums often being so high for young drivers. 

An insurance band is assigned to a car based on its price and specifications. The groups range from one to 50.

Typically, compact cars – like town cars or smaller hatchbacks – are in the lower bands, while expensive performance and luxury vehicles are in the higher groups.

To guarantee 17 and 18 year olds get the cheapest insurance policies, choosing compact cars with smaller engines when venturing out for the first time can make a big difference. 

Why choose Veygo?

At Veygo, we understand the needs of aspiring young road users that want to get on the road. 

Our range of young driver’s insurance and learner driver insurance policies are perfect for when you’re practising or just getting out on the road. 

Our policies cover you from one hour up to 180 days (for learner insurance), meaning you’ll only ever pay for what you need. 


Are there any conditions on short-term cover?

We do have some conditions to get on the road with Veygo’s cover. These are:

  • We only cover drivers with full GB licences from the age of 17
  • If you’re 17 -21 and looking for cover on your own car, you need to have held your licence for at least 6 months. However, there’s no minimum licence duration if you are borrowing a friend or family’s car
  • Cars that are over 30 years old cannot be insured under a Veygo policy

As well as these basic age requirements, we have our own internal criteria for underwriting insurance policies, including those used to work out your price, and if you’re eligible for cover when you quote.

We’ll always make you aware of any changes to your policy – so you can relax knowing you’re up to date your coverage status.

Does temporary car insurance show up on ASKMID?

Yes, temporary cover will show up on askMID. However, don’t worry if you can’t view your temporary cover right away – it can take up to a week for the cover to show on the Motor Insurance Database.

There should already be an annual insurance policy on the car if it’s a learner driver policy, or if you’re sharing a friend or family member’s car. All private vehicles need to be fully insured, and if there isn’t an annual policy in place, your cover won’t be valid. If that’s the case, please get in touch at to cancel.

Can I cancel my policy?

You can cancel your insurance policy at any time through your account. 

Simply go to ‘Purchases’, select the insurance policy you want to cancel, and hit ‘End Policy’. 

For full terms and conditions, check out our policy book for the type of cover you have (temporary car insurance or learner driver insurance).

We have also created a step-by-step guide on how to cancel your insurance policy.

Can someone drive my car if they are not on my insurance? 

Most car insurance only covers the people named on the policy to drive the car they’re insuring. If someone wants to borrow your car, you can either add them as a named driver, or they can take out temporary insurance. 

Can I use Veygo to drive abroad?

Our comprehensive cover extends to driving in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland*. However, when driving abroad, your policy will cover the minimum level of cover needed for the country that you’re driving in.

*If your Northern Irish licence is a 6-digit licence unfortunately, we do not offer cover. 

Are there any limitations to when I can buy?

We have a block on hourly insurance between 10pm and 5am. Basically, if you need cover to start or end between 10pm and 5am, the duration of your policy needs to be at least 24 hours. But if your insurance is 24 hours or more, there is no curfew. 

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