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Cheapest cars to insure for learner drivers

Cheapest cars to insure So you’re looking for car insurance, whether that be a full policy for the year, temporary car insurance, or learner driver insurance. If you own a car or are looking to buy one, knowing what cars are cheapest…

Sean O'Neill

Cheapest cars to insure 

So you’re looking for car insurance, whether that be a full policy for the year, temporary car insurance, or learner driver insurance. If you own a car or are looking to buy one, knowing what cars are cheapest to insure is always good knowledge to have in the locker!

With the current cost of living crisis buying your next car may make you think more than usual as any savings made can be super beneficial. So here is a list of the cheapest cars to insure in the UK.

So what makes a car cheap to insure?

The cheapest cars to insure usually have similar features, these break down into a few notable features such as, engine size, safety features, emissions and so on..

So when looking at these cars don’t expect anything that’s going to do 0-60mph in less than 8 seconds, however, you won’t have to worry about safety, and mileage.. particularly with the prices of fuel these days!

The Cheapest Cars to Insure

Fiat panda

The Fiat Panda has something more to offer than just cheap insurance, it gives you the offer of a modern day car with cheap insurance and plenty of space for any kind of cargo. Typically people will assume that this means the car only has larger boot space in comparison to its competitors, but it doesn’t stop there. The inside cabin of the car also offers plenty of space both for the passenger and any variety of luggage.

Fiat Panda, learner driver insurance, temporary car insurance, short term cover

Hyundai ix20
The Hyundai ix20 is considered to be quite a low key car.. It’s perfectly fit for purpose. It offers great practicability and real comfort in the cabin. The main thing to consider about the ix20 is that it isn’t a standout car, it blends in comfortably with its appearance, but does nothing wrong. It truly is an all rounder, good performance, quality, comfort, colours, and is particularly affordable!

Hyundai ix20, learner driver insurance, temporary car insurance, short term cover

Volkswagen up!
Everyone has their verdict when it comes to a compact car, and the stereotype probably isn’t different for this little beast, smaller cars are shaky at higher speeds, or useless on the motorway. Things are a little bit different for this car, one of its standout features is how sturdy it feels (“not just for a smaller car”). Despite the dazzling review of its motorway driving this car was initially built for city driving and held its own at the top of the city cars category. With a smart interior and the option to upgrade to a GTI model the Up! truly is a beast.

Volkswagen Up!, temporary car insurance, learner driver insurance, short term cover

Hyundai i10
When thinking of the smaller cheaper cars, the Hyundai i10 is definitely one of the more known cars. It comes down to availability and affordability. It also comes with a built in satnav system which is super easy to use and has no issues when connecting your phone to it. With its newly upgraded interior this car has a super sturdy feel to it, due its compact build.

Hyundai i10, learner driver insurance, temporary car insurance, short term cover

Chevrolet spark
The Chevrolet spark stands out a bit more than the others as it’s probably one of the lesser known smaller cheaper cars. However, don’t let that put you off it, despite being less known it’s definitely one of the more stylish cars. The style doesn’t end with its outside appearance, it also has a nice futuristic interior to match its stylish robust look. As most of the cheaper cars go, it has a nice smooth city feel to it, allowing you to whip around town in style and comfort.

chevrolet spark, short-term cover

Renault twingo
This is one of Renaults smallest cars, but don’t let that fool you, there’s still plenty of passenger room for you and all your friends to go on a road trip. With it being Renaults answer to a city car, you can expect some modern features, with the smartphone app by Renault, you can instantly create a touchscreen display for your car to navigate the GPS and car stereo. The Twingo emphasises its cabin space making it comfortable for 4 people to sit fine, however, the luggage/boot space doesn’t seem to have much going on so that is the compromise you make with this small but mighty Twingo.

Renault Twingo, short term cover, temporary car insurance, learner driver insurance

Suzuki splash
This Suzuki is making a splash among the city cars, like many others on the list this is a smaller car perfectly suitable for city and town driving. Throughout its lifetime it’s had a few upgrades from different engine sizes and different interiors, but the ultimate takeaway from its time is that it now has very decent fuel economy, adding to the insurance savings you could be making. Again, like others on this list, the car has a decent cabin size, especially when looking at the size of the car from the outside.

suzuki splash, short-term cover

Skoda Yeti
This is a great option if you’re looking to get an SUV but don’t want to spend SUV money. With the Skoda Yeti you get exactly what you pay for, it’s nothing particularly special or out of the ordinary but it does what it says on the tin! But getting to the interior, the car pretty much has all the bells and whistles, making it a complete SUV on a budget. Possibly one of the best features about this cheaper car is the look, it does have a much different feel to the others simply resembling a smaller SUV.

Skoda Yeti, short term cover, learner driver insurance, temporary car insurance

Ford KA
The KA is one of the more notorious cheap cars, the KA has been a servant to the list of smaller cars, and first time cars. Originally the KA was known more for being just a ‘decent little runaround’ car, but the newer model is now actually considered a tidy car. Speaking of it as its most recent model, not only did it become much nicer to look at, but the overall handling and performance of the car has become much better and smoother.

Ford KA, short-term cover

Kia Picanto
Kia’s Picanto, like many other popular cars on this list has undergone some major transformations. By the end of reading this you should be very familiar with what a city car is due to most of the cars on this list being one. Nothing changes with the Picanto, it’s absolutely Kia’s answer to a sleek city car that handles lovely. Don’t think the Picanto is the same as all the cars on this list, as it does offer a much larger engine size and with that comes a few different variations of the car, with some higher spec models on offer to get you from A to B in a quicker fashion.

Kia Picanto, short term insurance, learner driver insurance, temporary car insurance


Are these cars definitely the cheapest to insure ?
Not necessarily, if you got to Veygo’s quote engine you can find out what’s cheapest for you!
Do all the cheapest cars to insure have to be small?
Just because a car is cheap to insure it doesn’t mean that it’ll be a smaller car.
Best ways to get cheap car insurance ?
  • Paying by the year, rather than the month
  • Better security for the car
  • Telematics (black box)
  • Have some named drivers with plenty of experience and no claims
  • Have a smaller car/ more economical car
  • Update your policy each time (don’t let it auto-renew)
  • Take an extra driving course, double check it helps reduce insurance cost

Looking to get cheap short term cover or find the best quotes for learning to drive ? Then look no further, Veygo offer a great way to get on the roads quick and easy! 

Sean O'Neill

Having worked in the insurance industry for a while now, Sean has become an expert in the field, especially when it comes to learner and temporary car insurance policies. Working in SEO for Veygo he's had to learn the ins and outs of the industry so that he knows exactly what he's writing about, and why.

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