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World Environment Day
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How To Be An Environmentally Conscious Driver

World Environment Day takes place on 5th June every year. Here are some tips on to reduce your environmental impact as a driver. 🌍

by Louise Thomas

Motor vehicles are estimated to contribute 21% of our overall CO2 emissions. The best way to reduce this is to reduce the 3.2 million (!) cars on the UK roads. However, that’s unlikely to happen in the immediate future. For now, the best thing you can do to reduce your environmental impact (and your outgoings) is to make a conscious effort to be an eco-friendly driver.

Plan Ahead

Car Sharing

If a group of you are headed to the same place, do you really need to take multiple cars? Consider car sharing as an alternative. It will save money and emissions. If you’re giving your colleagues a lift to work you can take it in turns to drive in. If you’re headed on a longer journey with friends or family, consider sharing the driving with our temporary insurance.By taking one car you’ll save money, and you’ll get a break from driving!

Route Planning

Plan your journey before you leave. Getting lost means you’ll waste more time and fuel, so make sure you know where you’re heading. Check traffic news before you set off and make a note of any road closures or diversions. If you have passengers, ask them to keep an eye out on traffic sites or twitter channels. If you’re driving solo, keep the radio on to inform you of any incidents further ahead.

Pack Lightly

Extra weight means extra fuel and extra emissions! Save yourself money by packing lightly and not taking unnecessary luggage.

Car maintenance

When your car runs efficiently, it’s environmental impact is lower. Service your car regularly to ensure it’s running efficiently. Change your filters regularly and keep fluid levels topped up.


Not looking after your tyres can be dangerous and costly. Under-inflated tyres increases fuel consumption. They lead to increased rolling resistance with the road and consequently increased CO2 emissions. Additionally, they’ll have uneven contact with the road and exhibit excessive wear.

Over-inflated tyres are just as dangerous. Reduced contact with the road surface can lead to loss of traction and greater braking distances. Your tyres will wear heavily meaning you’ll need to replace them more frequently.

Smart Driving

Smoothly does it

A great way to decrease your fuel consumption and environmental impact is to change your driving style. Accelerate and decelerate smoothly, avoiding revving or breaking harshly. By speeding up and slowing down gently, you’ll also help make the roads safer.

Stick to the speed limit

It might sound obvious but going faster uses more fuel. Driving at 80mph can use up to 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph!

Stay switched on

Stopping and starting uses more fuel than if you were to keep rolling. Try and avoiding coming to a complete stop by slowing down early for traffic lights, queues or roundabouts up ahead. Additionally, if your car doesn’t do so automatically, don’t turn off your engine to save fuel unless you know you’ll be stopped for a while, or your engine is warm and you’ve got a great battery.

Alternative Options

Do you really need to drive to the local shop for bread and milk? Take a moment to consider the necessity of your journey before setting off. Remember that exercise and fresh air are good for you, so try and walk for shorter journeys. It might even work out cheaper (and greener) to use public transport. E.g. if you’re headed into the town centre where parking is expensive. Save the car for when it is necessary and do your bit towards saving the planet.

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Louise Thomas

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