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What Do I Do If I’m Hit By An Uninsured Driver?

We all know you’re supposed to get the insurance details of the third party in an accident, but what happens if they aren’t insured?

by Eilidh

Being in an accident is stressful at the best of times, but the situation can be made ten times harder if the other driver has no insurance. In an typical collision, the insurer of the person found at fault would pay for damages. But what happens if the driver has no insurer to pay for the damages? Or what if you don’t even know who the driver is? Don’t panic – there’s processes in place in order to ensure that you’re not left out of pocket.

Ask for their details

You should always take note of the other driver’s full name, address, vehicle registration and insurance details. If they refuse to give you all of the information, say that they’re not insured, or they leave the scene without stopping, call the police. You need to call the police within 5 days of the accident. If you’ve been injured, you need to call the police within 14 days, or as soon as reasonably possible.

Call your insurer

If you have comprehensive cover, your insurer will pay for damages made to your car. Nearly half of insurers will protect your no claims discount and excess if you’re hit by an uninsured driver. However, if you only have third-party insurance, you’ll have to go through the Motor Insurers’ Bureau if you want to make a claim.

Contact the Motor Insurers’ Bureau

Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), established in 1946, compensates the victims of negligent uninsured and untraced motorists. Basically, every insurer in the UK has to pay a membership fee to the MIB in order to sell insurance in the UK. The MIB use this money to contribute towards payouts. If you’d like to make a claim for compensation for injury or damaged property, give them a call for advice. They’ll do their own investigations into the incident, including obtaining witness statements and police reports. MIB should decide whether or not you’ll receive a payment within three months. If MIB decide that you are eligible for compensation, it’ll take a little longer to decide the amount. If it’s found that you’re at fault, you won’t receive any compensation.

What will happen to the uninsured driver?

The police could give a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points. If the case goes to court, the fine will be unlimited. The driver could also face disqualification and the vehicle could be seized.

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Hi I'm Eilidh 👋 I joined Veygo for a 3 month internship in June 2018 and loved it so much I decided to stay! I've been driving for 4 years and, despite being an awful singer, I am known to belt out performances of my fave songs in my car 👩‍🎀

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