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New Logged in Customer Flow

Our customers are at the heart of what we do, because of them, we are constantly striving to do better, let’s show you how…

by Jessica Cory

Here at Veygo, we are committed to making things happen. At the centre of this ethos are you, our customers. We want you to gain value from the products we offer, so we are always seeking to make things better! To improve things, it is crucial that we work closely with our customers to make positive change happen.

We asked you for feedback

Because our customers are at the centre of what we do, we are constantly asking for feedback on our products. We value our customers so welcome both positive and negative feedback. This feedback is the most valuable source of information for us, because without you where would we be? Our customers use our products, so they know best what could be improved to make them even better! Upon receiving feedback, we work together to resolve issues as soon as possible. We are committed to the cause of helping drivers with no car get behind the wheel. We take any obstacle seriously no matter how small, aiming to resolve them at every touch point along the way.

You speak, we listen!

Our customers are at the heart of what we do, so we strive to do better by listening to them. If our customers are having troubles, we work together as a team to resolve them as soon as possible. This allows for the customer journey to be flourish. In order for this co-creation to occur we constantly ask for customer feedback, seeking to explore what is and isn’t working.

Recently, our customers stated that they disliked that our quote engine didn’t save customer details. Because of this, our customers were required to manually input their details each time they wanted a new quote. This was frustrating for many customers, causing the purchasing process to be a long and drawn out one. We know purchasing car insurance can be daunting and long so we considered your feedback. We analysed our current workings, and explored new avenues we could take to improve. This lead to the release of a new feature to make the customer journey a better one.

After we’ve listened, we do!

Due to the feedback received from our customers, we released our new logged in customer flow feature in August 2018. This new feature lets customers sign in and use their saved details from previous policies. This has simplified the purchasing process and has significantly cut down the time it takes for customers to take out a brand new policy. The idea behind it was to significantly reduce session time for our logged in and repeat customers offering them a seamless and smooth experience.

Jessica Cory

Hey! I'm Jessica, a Marketing Intern here at Veygo! 😊

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