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5 times getting a rental car was the right answer

If you’re out to impress, your boot is too small to function, or the cons of owning a car outweigh the pros, renting a car is sometimes the best way to go.

by Eilidh

Going on a road trip?

Going on a road trip with your friends is great fun, but you need a car to do it. This is where renting a car may be the answer! With no mileage restrictions the sky is the limit to where you could go.


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Going on a date?

Think you’ve found the one, but you really want to impress them? Simple – rent a car and whisk them away for the perfect date.


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Just want to get away?

Want to have an adventure? It doesn’t have to be a road trip with your friends. It could be a romantic trip, or you just want to get out of the city for the weekend. Renting a car to go away for the odd weekend seems like the perfect answer.


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Don’t want to take public transport?

Want to go shopping but don’t want to take the bus or train? Rent a car! You can squeeze more shopping into the back of a car than on public transport – there isn’t really any competition here!

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Don’t see the point in owning a car?

Owning your own car can be expensive and stressful; especially if you live in a city. Renting when you need or want a car can be a more convenient alternative for you!

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There are so many different times that renting a car may be the answer for you. With Veygo Rentals, all adventurers, date-goers, road-trippers (and especially under 25s!) alike can affordably rent a car with comprehensive insurance included!

Ready to rent? Check out Veygo Rentals and get yourself on the road 💃💃


Hi I'm Eilidh 👋 I joined Veygo for a 3 month internship in June 2018 and loved it so much I decided to stay! I've been driving for 4 years and, despite being an awful singer, I am known to belt out performances of my fave songs in my car 👩‍🎤

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