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There’s an easier way

There's an easier way

To learn to drive

Learning to drive and wanting to practice in your parents car around your lessons, with our cover you can get insurance without worrying to affect their no claims bonus if there is an accident

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Learn to drive

To get temporary cover on your car

If you are buying a new car and just need to get cover for a few hours, we offer insurance by the hour.

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Get temporary cover

To borrow a car

Train time not the best for you, or you need to borrow your partner’s car as yours in the garage, you can be on the road in minutes, with flexible insurance from 1 hour to 60 days.

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Borrow a car
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Flexible insurance from 1 hour

Fully comprehensive insurance

Be on the road in minutes

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It has taken me longer to review it than it did to set up the insurance

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