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Christmas cost of living, short-term cover
Sean O'Neill Guides Learner Drivers Lifestyle

How to beat the cost of living this Christmas

If you’re someone who is concerned about the cost-of-living this Christmas this winter then maybe a few of the ideas we’ve come up with will help, and hopefully help you to find a great gift for someone!

Sean O'Neill

Cost of living 

As we get closer and closer to the big day it’s fair to say there’s some concern with the rising cost in everything! Fuel, gas, electricity, insurance, and bills. Definitely overwhelming! 

With the rise in energy prices and the cost of food shopping people are concerned with heating their homes and feeding their families. 

Here at Veygo we try to keep everything cool and manageable as adding fuel to the fire or exaggerating things never seems to help. 

Let’s look into some advice to help save some serious coin and find a way to get the people you love some good gifts for a great price! 

Savings on your car

There are definitely some savings to be made when it comes to your vehicles. So, we’re going to take a look at the best practices and the most affordable ways to get about this Christmas! 

First of all, SORN’ing your car, this essentially takes your car off the roads when you’re not using it. The idea behind this is if you know you’re not using your car then take it off the roads, so you don’t have to pay any insurance or road tax. By cutting down on a couple of extra bills this should free up some cash for other essentials you may need this Christmas! 

You may be thinking “Oh but I’ll be losing my car”.. Basically the idea behind SORN’ing your car is if you have another car to your household then car sharing would be a great option. 

Car sharing is a great way to cut down on bills, there’s several ways that this can help:

  1. Less insurance and tax to pay 
  2. Share fuel bill
  3. Making use of a journey (doing round trips rather than several small trips, planning well to avoid traffic, and stopping for fuel on a journey whilst you’re out.)

If you’re curious as to how you can car share, it’s super simple and easy! All you need to do is be 17 to 75 years old and past your driving test and hold a full driving licence.  

Once you meet those requirements then it’s as simple as purchasing Veygo’s temporary car insurance, as it’s super cheap it allows you to purchase car insurance for as and when you need it. 

Another look at savings on your car is to look at car maintenance, by looking after your car and making sure you check everything properly you can help to prevent your car breaking down. 

It’s common knowledge that repairs for a car can often be very expensive, so by keeping on top of your car’s maintenance you can prevent having to fork out for expensive repairs. If you’re not sure what to check then our guide to your car’s essential maintenance checklist and to go one step further look at the full-service checklist


When travelling this Christmas, it’s important that you plan. During the winter is the time where a breakdown can have some serious implications. Try The Veygo driving in winter guide as a way to get ahead of driving this winter

Not only will you need to plan ahead for your journeys with prep for the cold weather, but if you’re planning to use Veygo insurance this winter then you’ll need to think about how you go about purchasing your policy! 

Read here to find out about our Christmas and New Year’s restrictions, we really hope this doesn’t inconvenience you during the Holidays! 

Gift ideas for drivers this winter

Let’s be honest, unless you’re way ahead of the game you’re going to be struggling for gift ideas. So, we’re going to try and be some help for you and break up gifts into practical and fun for you! 


  • Aux cord, essential for those famous Christmas songs to blast when you’re driving about this Christmas! 
  • Funky keyrings, they’re really just a fun way to personalise your car keys! 
  • Alexa Echo Auto, for those of you who are really into your smart devices, this a great way to integrate your car. 
  • Steering wheel cover, this will be a good gift depending on the person, but it’s a great way to improve or personalise your car.
  • Rear view mirror/dashboard accessories, these are just a fun way of adding something to the interior of your car, can range from ornament, dice, or even an air freshener. 
  • Ambient lighting kit, this just adds a futuristic touch to the interior of your car, keeps it from being pitch black in the dark, with the added fun of colour changing LEDs. 
  • FM/Bluetooth transmitter, if your car doesn’t have a 3.5mm jack then this is a great alternative to an AUX cord. 


  • Air freshener
  • Car seat covers 
  • De-icer 
  • Petrol Can 
  • Car tyre pump 
  • Mini car vacuum 
  • Dash cam 
  • Sat nav 
  • Fuel voucher 
  • Umbrella 
  • Fold away caution sign 
  • phone/sat nav holder 
  • Cold weather survival kit

The best thing about buying some of these kinds of gifts is that they’re always the kind of thing that you’d never seem to buy yourself, so getting one of these for someone could potentially help them out massively! 

The best gifts

And finally, for those who are learning to drive this Christmas maybe some of Veygo’s learner driver insurance, it’s a great way to help a learner driver out by getting them a chance to get some more hours behind the wheel. 

Or if you want to help someone get to where they need to go this Christmas, then our temporary car insurance is a great gift! It can help you cut costs and drive someone else’s car!

Sean O'Neill

Having worked in the insurance industry for a while now, Sean has become an expert in the field, especially when it comes to learner and temporary car insurance policies. Working in SEO for Veygo he's had to learn the ins and outs of the industry so that he knows exactly what he's writing about, and why.

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