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Learning to Drive: What Are Motorway Lessons Like?

Learner drivers are now allowed on motorways, but what do learners – and their parents – think so far?

by Eilidh

Learner drivers have been allowed on the motorway for over a month now. An AA survey showed that before then, only 25% of people felt adequately prepared to drive on the motorway after their test, leaving the other 75% feeling unprepared. By allowing learner motorway lessons, new drivers will, hopefully, feel more prepared for the M-roads, reducing the risk of accidents.

So, is it working for learners? We asked for your experiences – and we got a good mix of responses, from a stressed-out mum of a learner to a regretful driver who wishes he’d had the opportunity to go on the motorway before passing his test.

Getting a feel for how the lanes work

“I had a motorway driving lesson. I’m currently living in Nottingham, but plan on moving to Cardiff for uni. As it’s such a long drive and predominantly on motorways, we thought it would benefit me to do a lesson. It really helped, gave me an idea of how it works and what to look out for. You get a feel for how the lanes work and how other drivers treat you and others in the lanes. I’ve just passed my test and it definitely helped me get over that first big drive to Wales to check out the city!”

– Heather

Full of regret…

“I’ve not had a motorway lesson myself, but my sister-in-law has just had her first two lessons on a motorway. She was absolutely terrified but after being on there, she said it has made her a much more confident driver. I actually wish that I had been able to have a lesson or two on an M-Road as when I first started driving, I went on the motorway for the first time alone and a car pulled out in front of me unexpectedly. I had to come to an emergency stop and it really shook me. Made me a much more confident driver afterwards, but it would be better to prevent against it by learning on there now.”

– Dan

Anxiety level = 1000

“Don’t even get me started on the level of anxiety related to this! My 17 year old daughter (only child) is currently having driving lessons. Which, to be fair, stresses me! Add to this the fact that she has ‘announced’ rather enthusiastically that she has driven on the motorway twice this week.  Yes, twice! I need to start meditating or something I think. Hopefully it will make her safer in the long run, despite my current stress levels!”

– Ann

Confidence building

“My son had a driving lesson on the motorway in the last few weeks. He was excited and a little nervous, but, in reality, he said it was fine. He was encouraged to go to the limit by his driving instructor, but felt that, as there were three lanes and the road was wide, he was confident. It will certainly help him when he passes, as my other son passed a few years ago and did not have the lesson before, and he was quite nervous the first time on the motorway.”

– Colin

Judging from these experiences, it seems that having lessons on the motorway as a learner can be great at building confidence, even if it does stress mum out! If you’re headed on to the motorway with your instructor, make sure to check out our handy Motorway Guide for some handy infographics on motorway driving.

Need some extra driving practice on regular roads before you feel comfortable heading on to a M-road with your instructor? Our flexible on-demand Learner Driver Cover means that you can get insured on a friend or family member’s car from 2 hours to 90 days.


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