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1 minute read Learner Drivers

6 Things All Learner Drivers Know

Learning to drive is a journey 🚙

by Eilidh

For years you’ve dreamed about this moment – you’re finally getting on the road! Independence, road trips and drive-thru runs are just around the corner. But who knew that it would come with so much stress and embarrassment?! Of course, it’s all worth it, but you’d rather there not be so many cringe-worthy moments.

1. It’s super embarrassing when your family come out to wave at you as you drive off!

Mummy and Daddy’s little baby is growing up! Let them have this one! 😊

Source: Giphy

2. When your mates drive past you

And they do everything in their power to put you off! No doubt there’ll be embarrassing pics of you on the group chat later!

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3. There’s nothing worse than when you stall. Then you stall again.

People are beeping and your blood pressure is rising. Will you ever get on to that roundabout? Probably not.

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4. You start to notice how bad everybody else is at driving!

Why is no one using their indicators? Does no one know lane discipline? And you thought YOU were the one who needed lessons… 🙄

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5. You didn’t realise that you still have to think twice about your left & rights

Turn left? Cool no probs *secretly does an L shape with fingers to work out which way left is*

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6. Double Cs and Double Ps

Clutch Control and Parallel Parking. Will they every be truly mastered?

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Fed up of these embarrassing situations? Veygo offers flexible, on-demand Insurance for learner drivers from 2 hours to 90 days, so you can get some extra practice and (hopefully!) pass your test sooner.


Hi I'm Eilidh 👋 I joined Veygo for a 3 month internship in June 2018 and loved it so much I decided to stay! I've been driving for 4 years and, despite being an awful singer, I am known to belt out performances of my fave songs in my car 👩‍🎤

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