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25,000 Uninsured Learner Drivers on the Road

The Motor Insurers Bureau have released data showing a shocking amount of learners driving uninsured, along with other big mistakes.

by Eilidh

The Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) is urging learner drivers to ensure that they meet insurance requirements after data from their Police Helplines reveals that an estimated 25,000 learner are driving without insurance.

Over the past year, MIB has received thousands of enquiries from police officers about learner drivers driving without insurance. The police seized the cars in nearly all the cases that found that the learner was uninsured. Driving without insurance is also punishable by 6 points on your licence and a £300 fine. This could prevent the learner from getting a full license.

It’s not only learners driving uninsured that the MIB has raised as a concern, though. MIB also discovered that one in every two uninsured drivers were driving without the legally required supervision, facing further penalties. Many learners were also found to be driving outside the terms & conditions of their insurance, resulting in the policy becoming void. This can include activity such as using the car for daily commutes and using the car for business purposes.

Avoid a fine or penalty

To make sure they are in-line with legal requirements, learner drivers need to:
Have a provisional licence: You can apply for one here.
Have insurance: Your driving instructor’s insurance will covered you in their car. However, if you’re driving your own, or a family member’s car you’ll need to take out a learner driver policy.
Have the correct supervision: Make sure your supervisor is over 21 and has had a full driving license for over 3 years.

Why risk it? It’s easy to get insured from 2 hours to 90 days with our Learner Driver Insurance.


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