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Discount insurance when you’ve passed your driving test

If you use Veygo learner insurance, you can get a discount on our temporary car insurance for a year after you pass your test. How’s that for a passing your test gift?

Simon Jones

Congratulations on passing your driving test 

Congratulations on passing your driving test

Give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done us all proud. 

We believe that actions speak louder than words, which is why we want to give you a little something to say well done for passing your driving test. So, if you’re looking for Veygo discount insurance, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re one of our learner driver insurance customersyou’ll get 10% off our temporary car insurance when you pass your test.  

If you’re looking for gift inspiration yourself, check out our 10 gift ideas for new drivers. 

Discount insurance 

Youll be able to get the discount insurance for 12 whole months from the date you tell us youve passed your driving testSo even if you passed your driving test in March but you tell us in April, your year starts from then. That’s a fair bit of money saved on temporary car insurance. Who doesn’t love a discount? 

Veygo discount code 

You won’t need a code to receive the discount because we’ll automatically apply it to all your insurance policies during the 12 months. As you might’ve guessed, the Veygo discount only applies to you if you’ve used our learner driver insurance, so come and grab some insurance from us whilst you’re learning to drive. 

Temporary car insurance 

Buying a car and then buying yearly insurance can hit the wallet hard when you’re a new driver. Using temporary car insurance is a convenient and affordable way to drive after passing your test, even if you don’t have your own car. 

You can use our temporary car insurance to borrow a friend or family member’s car from 1 hour to 60 days. Just like our learner driver insurance, it’s completely flexible and you can just pay for the time you need. You can also get temp insurance for your own car. If you’re interested in buying your own car now you’ve passed, check out our article on keeping the costs of buying a car down. 

Change your license type 

Once you pass your driving test, your learner insurance is no longer valid so it’s a good idea to cancel it. If your policy is shorter than 30 days, drop us a line at to cancel. As a congrats from us, you’ll get any remaining credit to use on temporary insuranceso you can carry on driving!  

If you start a new quote, you’ll get the option to change your license to full as you go through. If you need a bit more information on upgrading your license and underwriting’s criteria for temporary car insurance on your own car, check out our help centre article. 

Getting a quote for our temporary car insurance won’t take more than five minutes, and cover can start as soon as your payment is processed. Enjoy your discount... you’ve earned it. 


Simon Jones

Worked for short-term car insurance provider Veygo for over 3 years. Been involved in building insurance products for learner drivers and people looking for temporary cover on cars, then telling the world about them through marketing campaigns. Also drive a bit myself, mainly my son around where ever he needs to go.

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