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Car insurance for learner drivers

Learner driver insurance is an easy way to get extra practice using your own car, or a friend or family member’s car.

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What is learner driver insurance?

Learning to drive and need to get some extra practise in? Learner driver insurance, or provisional insurance, allows you to get insured on a friend or family member’s car so you can practise outside of your lessons as and when it suits you. 

As a provisional licence holder, this allows you to gain valuable on-road experience so you can pass your test. You can buy a one-off policy or you have the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go rolling monthly subscription, so you can cancel your policy once you’ve passed your test.

Getting added to a friend or family member’s insurance policy as a learner driver can be costly and could affect their no claims bonus if you have a bump. With our pay-as-you-go cover, their no claims bonus is protected, and you have the flexibility of getting that extra practise in when it suits you.  

Cover for your test

Our cover insures you while you’re learning and right until you’ve passed your test. Once you’ve passed, you can then opt to switch to our New Driver policy.

Practice more

With our pay-as-you-go cover you can practice at a time that’s convenient for you.

Peace of mind

No need to worry about the owner’s policy if you’re borrowing a car as their no claims bonus won’t be affected if you need to make a claim.

Just go in three quick steps:


Tell us the vehicle’s registration and who owns it.


Fill in your details and driving licence number.


View your tailored quote and pay for it online. Once paid, your cover starts immediately or whenever you want.

Your cover and eligibility

What’s covered?

  • Accidental damage to your car
  • Third party injury
  • Car keys and locks – We cover up to £300 to have your locks changed in the event of your keys being lost or stolen. However, we don’t cover the cost of the keys!
  • Windscreen damage
  • Personal belongings

What’s not covered?

  • Unattended and keys in ignition – In the circumstance of keys left unattended in the ignition, or the car was left unattended, the claim will require further investigation by our customer care team.
  • Taking your car out of an impound
  • There’s already an alternative insurance policy in place
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Without an alternate insurer

Am I eligible?

  • You must be aged between 17 and 75.
  • You should have a valid UK provisional licence.
  • Not have any penalty points. Also, you must not have been disqualified in the last 18 months.
  • Not have any claims or motoring convictions. This may affect your ability to get learner car insurance.
  • Also, you need to get the car owner’s permission to get insured on it.

Is the car eligible?

  • The car is less than 40 years old
  • The car should be registered in the UK
  • You can get cover for a lease car, but not for a hire or rental vehicle.

Important information about your cover

You can get learner driver insurance on your car or someone else’s. If you’re not the legal car owner then learner driver cover sits alongside the owner’s insurance and cannot be the main policy. It’s possible to get cover for a lease car, but not a hire or rental vehicle.

FAQs about temporary car insurance

Accessibility and Support

We want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for everyone to use our products and services.

We are continuously trying to improve our accessibility for people who have disabilities, long term health conditions, or are struggling with challenging times.

Extra Support

Please let us know if you have any additional support needs or accessibility requirements that we should be aware of when servicing your policy. Examples may include:
  • Significant Life Events
  • Health Issues
  • Accessibility
  • or Financial Worries.
You can do this by contacting our Customer Care Team at so we can discuss different ways we may be able to support you.
Can I use Veygo learner driver insurance to take my driving test?

Veygo learner driver insurance does provide cover for your practical driving test. You may be asked to take a copy of your certificate of insurance with you, which is available to download as a PDF document within your Veygo account. To view this, please log in, go to ‘My account’ and select ‘Purchases’.

Should you wish to, you can also use your own vehicle to take your driving test. Please bear in mind that the car needs to meet certain legal requirements, which can be found at GOV.UK.

Important: If you pass your test, this insurance will no longer be valid, as it only covers provisional licence holders. This means you won’t be able to drive home from the test centre. But you can get a quote for our temporary cover if you continue sharing the car. Good luck!

How do I extend my policy?

We don’t currently offer insurance policy extensions, but you can take out more insurance online in next to no time. We save your details to make getting a quote even easier the second time around. Just log in, and you’re ready to roll! If you’d like to repurchase on the go, try downloading our app where you can repurchase your previous cover in just 5 taps!

How to make a complaint?

How to make a complaint

Making a complaint can be stressful. This is why we give two options for you to choose which suits you best.

1. Complete our contact form here

2. Write to us at:
Veygo By Admiral
David St
CF10 2EH

How do I cancel my one off policy?
Here’s how to cancel (it’s really easy!): On the web:
  • Sign in
  • Click into your account from the top right hand of the screen
  • Go to Purchases
  • Select “View” on the policy that needs cancelling
  • Click “Cancel policy” inside the Actions box
  • Click “Cancel policy” in the popup
On the app:
  • Sign in
  • Go to ‘My Policies’ tab
  • Click the policy you would like to cancel
  • Click the “Cancel policy” button at the bottom of the screen
  • Select a reason for cancelling then click ‘Confirm cancellation’
  • Check the details, then click “Yes, cancel policy”
  • Your policy will now show as cancelled when you check it in the app
How do refunds work? If your policy hasn’t started yet, you will receive a full refund. If your policy has already started, we’ll recalculate the price based on a shorter policy and refund the difference. If any refund is due, this will be returned to the original payment method automatically within 3 to 10 days. Please see your Insurance Guide for our Cancellations policy.
I need to change my title, middle name, private registration or the alternative insurer

No problem, we can do this for you, use our contact form here, remember to include the driver’s full name, date of birth, postcode and what the change is.

I need to change the car on cover, my cover dates, or the relationship between the driver and vehicle owner

Ok, the policy will need to be cancelled and you can quote for a new policy with the updated information by going through the website. (Signing in first will save you time!).

Follow this article to find out how to cancel.

I need to discuss an existing claim

Need an update on your claim? Sorry if you haven’t heard from us.

Contact us via our form here, include your claim reference in the subject box and we’ll tell you exactly what’s going on.

We aim to get back to you within 1 working day.