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Heads up, we'll be doing a few tweaks on the site on the 13th of August between 5 a.m. & 9 a.m. where we'll have to switch the site off for a bit, but don't worry as you can book our insurance in advance.


Veygo’s Driving Instructor Referral Programme

Thanks for your interest in Veygo and our Driving Instructor Referral Programme. We have some bad news. No one likes the bad news, and there is no easy way to say this but, we are currently in the process of shutting down our referral programme. We have become aware there are issues that are affecting the system and not offering you the best possible service.

We hope to bring an improved version back in the future but for now, if you have any questions just let us know. We will of course honour any outstanding referrals. However, as of today we won’t be able to accept any new referrals. Sorry to ask a favour after breaking the bad news but, could you destroy any leftover literature.


  • How much commission do I receive?

    You can earn the following for each unique pupil you referred:

    • £30 per Learner Driver Insurance customer
    • £15 per Car Sharing Insurance customer
  • How do I get paid?

    You will be paid via bank transfer on a monthly basis, into the account you set up with Stripe.

    Payments are made monthly and will be processed on the 15th of the following month. E.g. Commission for all referrals made between March 1st-31st will be processed on 15th April.

    When the 15th falls on a weekend or bank holiday, payments will be processed on the proceeding working day.

  • Do I need a referral code?

    When you register, your name and driving school are saved to our system. That way, your pupil only needs to remember your name to receive their discount and link you to their policy.

  • Where can I find out more information about the products?

    You can find out more information about our products, to help you decide if Veygo is right for your pupils, by clicking the links below:

  • I have a question. How can I get in touch?

    If you have any questions about the referral scheme, please get in touch using our dedicated email address

  • How do I update my details and preferences?

    To update your details or marketing preferences please contact us on

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