Usually sign in with Facebook?

Facebook_Image_-_HelpCentre.pngOk, so we don’t actually have the option to sign in with Facebook anymore, but we do have a proper good reason if you will hear us out… thanks, it will help us both in the long run. 

It’s like adding that extra couple of pairs of shoes to your weekend flight baggage (pre-lockdown) – you don’t really need them, and they just end up being extra weight. That’s what Facebook login is doing to our website and app.

Taking it away means less time waiting, more time driving.

What happens next? You just need to get some new login details – email us at with “I’d like to replace my Facebook login with this email (, please send me a password.” When emailing us; please send us your driving licence number so we can locate your account and your date of birth for security!

Or you can click the “help” button to the bottom left to chat to us, and, well… that’s it.