Frequently asked questions

Before Purchasing:

What is Temporary Cover?

We offer two kinds of temporary cover:

  1. Cover for the vehicle owner on their own car
  2. Cover to share a friend or family member’s car

Our temporary cover insurance can range from just 1 hour up to 60 days. If you’re sharing the car, it needs to already have an insurance policy in place. If you’re insuring your own car, then this should be the only policy covering it. 

Maybe you need to borrow a family member’s car for an airport run. Or you might need to cover your new car before getting annual insurance. These are just two ways you could use Veygo 😊

I want to share a car, but isn’t it dual insurance?

No. Dual insurance is when a person has two insurance policies in their name on the same car. So, as long as you’re not a named driver on any other insurance policy for the car, this will not be dual insurance.

What are the alternative insurance requirements?

If you are borrowing or sharing a vehicle, it needs to be alternatively insured. You cannot be a named driver on the alternative insurance policy.

I want to share a car, but will it affect the owner’s no claims bonus if I make a claim?

No. Veygo offers cover which is separate to the annual insurance policy on the car. Any claim you make will not affect the owner’s no claims bonus and they won’t need to declare it on their insurance.

Who is the owner of the car?

We consider the owner of the car to be the registered keeper so whoever’s name is on the V5c… logbook to you and me.

How much is the excess?

The accidental damage excess on most Temporary Cover policies is set at £750 and some customers can choose a lower excess of £250, depending on the policy details. The excess for a windscreen claim can be found in your policy schedule, within your account.

Can I insure a lease car?

Yes – we provide cover to private lease cars. When doing a quote, you just need to enter the owner’s details as the person whose name the lease is in. However, don’t forget if you are sharing or borrowing someone else’s vehicle; there needs to be alternative insurance in place. 

Can I add another driver or car to my policy?

Another driver or car can’t be added to your existing insurance policy, but you can buy a separate insurance policy for the other driver or car you wish to insure. When purchasing for another driver, they’ll need to continue as a new customer and create their own account with an alternative email address. Easy.

Can I insure a car that doesn’t have MOT?

It’s possible to drive your car to a garage to have a MOT, even if it doesn’t have a valid MOT certificate. However, you must have a pre-booked test, the correct insurance to cover your journey and your car must be roadworthy. You can find more information on how to check if your vehicle is roadworthy here

Can I insure a car that doesn’t have Tax?

Yes, it’s possible to insure your car without valid tax, just remember your car must be taxed to legally be on the road. If you declare your car as ‘off road’, then you don’t need to tax or insure it. However, you may want to otherwise your car will have no fire, theft and vandalism insurance, so any damage to your car would have to be paid by yourself.

Can I use Veygo to drive abroad?

Our comprehensive cover extends to driving in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. However, when driving abroad, your policy will cover the minimum level of cover needed for the country that you’re driving in.

Why have I been declined cover?

We’d love to offer cover to everyone, but our underwriting criteria means we can’t unfortunately. There are many factors taken into consideration, but here are some basic restrictions:

  • Minimum age 17
  • Must hold full GB license
  • If you’re aged 17-21, you need to have held your license for a minimum of 6 months before insuring your own car (no minimum duration if sharing a car)
  • The car must be less than 40 years old

After Purchasing:

How do I extend my insurance?

Policies can’t be extended, you’ll just need to take out a new policy for the time and date your current one ends.

Log in to your account where most of your details will be already complete.

Why isn’t my policy showing on MID?

It takes up to a week for the cover to show on the Motor Insurance Database. There should already be an annual insurance policy on the car if you’re sharing a friend or family member’s car. If there isn’t an annual policy in place, your cover won’t be valid. Please follow the relevant steps here to cancel.

How do I cancel a policy?

Follow our step-by-step guide here.

How can I contact Veygo? 

If none of the above answered your question, you can get in touch online:

Email us at
Tweet us at @VeygoUK
Message us via Facebook

Make sure to include the policyholder’s name, date of birth, and postcode for security, as this means we can jump on it straight away to save you time. We aim to respond within 15 minutes (during opening hours)!

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5pm and Saturday: 8am – 2pm.

Please do not call the claims line regarding a policy, quote or account query, as we will prioritise claims calls and this may delay your query being resolved.