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Got the new car panic? Carlm yourself

You’ve saved for months for that new set of wheels. Now you’re worried about what you’ll do if the engine blows or you need a new tire. Insurance only covers so much and it’s expensive enough! 

What if we combined car insurance and a flexible warranty into a monthly subscription package? Carlm gives you true peace of mind by combining insurance and a warranty into one monthly fee.

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Comprehensive insurance cover 

Car insurance backed by Admiral, a brand you can trust. We don’t mess about when it comes to insurance, you get top-tier comprehensive cover for your car. 

Warranty car cover 

Get total peace of mind with a warranty that covers your car in the event you have a disaster.  

A flexible subscription 

A monthly fee that you’re free to stop whenever you want. Subscribe for a fixed amount of time if you wish! 

Choose what you want to cover 

With several tiers of warranty cover, you protect only the things you care about. Carlm is flexible month by month too – so adjust each month as you go.  

Receive red flags 

Get warnings about issues your car is likely to face before there’s a problem. We will tell you when you should get servicing or when to check those tires. 

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We need your help

This bit is easy! We have a few simple, yes or no style questions that will ask what you would be willing to do lower your price. For this to work, we may need our customers to be more involved with their insurance. We’re not talking spy cameras or intrusive tracking, just simple things you can do day to day.  

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