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Winter Driving Tips

As days get shorter, colder and icier, make sure you and your car are ready for winter.

by Louise Thomas

Everywhere you look, you can see people wrapping up warm and sipping on hot chocolate. Add this to the frosty ground and the bite in the air and it can only mean one thing… winter is here.

Winter is arguable one of the best seasons. The world is filled with twinkly lights, festive cheer and sometimes even snow! However for drivers, winter presents its own set of challenges. Follow these winter driving tips and stay safe whenever you hit the road.

Veygo by Admiral Winter Driving Tips

1. Check your lights

Night falls early in the winter and the longer periods of darkness makes driving more hazardous. You must use your headlines when visibility is seriously reduced. It’s important to make sure all of your lights are clean and working properly. Remember to replace any broken bulbs immediately.

2. Windscreen wipers

Check that your windscreen wiper blades are working and in good condition as they may also need replacing. Remember to switch off your wipers when you’re parked during winter. Wipers can freeze to the windscreen and damage the blades or wiper motor when you switch on the engine.

3. Clear your windows

As the temperature starts to drop, you’ll begin to notice condensation appearing on your windows more frequently. Driving with limited visibility from condensation on the windscreen can be dangerous. Remember to give yourself extra time to clear your windscreen before starting your journey.

4. Check your brakes

Heavy rain, ice and snow, can leave road surfaces super slippery and dangerous. Braking is more dangerous in these conditions, and the change in temperature can also reduce their efficiency so make sure you get them checked.

5. Check your tyres

Making sure your tyres are up to scratch is extra important during winter when the roads are often slippery. Although the legal limit is 1.6mm, aim for at least 3mm of tread during the winter. You could also invest in winter or all season tyres for a better grip.

6. Antifreeze!

Plunging temperatures can wreak havoc with your car.  Spending a few pounds on anti-freeze can save you hundreds compared to repairing a frozen engine.  Make sure you use the right type of antifreeze and use a 50-50 mix with water to protect your engine.

Headed on a festive trip with friends this winter? Remember that it’s easy to get tired when it’s cold and dark outside, even when you’re behind the wheel. Share the driving and make sure you get a break with short term car insurance.

Louise Thomas

Hi I'm Louise and I'm a Marketing Executive at Veygo. I've been driving for nearly two years after several "practice" tests! I love the freedom that comes with finally having a driving licence. Road trips with my friends are the best - especially when we've got an awesome playlist going! (check out our Spotify for road trip playlists!)

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