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Ready to unlock your freedom?

Bring us along for the ride and we’ll give you a £10 voucher.

How do I get my £10 Veygo Insurance voucher?

This bit is easy – just whizz through the steps below 💷

Book your driving test

Tell us about it on the form below

We’ll send you your voucher

Already passed?

You can also get a £10 voucher to say well done – the steps are the same just click on ‘already’ passed and drop us a line. Not sure if you’re ready? Don’t stress, we can help - try our guide to see if you need to get booking or wait a bit longer.

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Did you pass?

Passed your test already?

Passed your test already? Let’s not make this the end of our journey. 🚘
To say thanks for the ride, we’ll give you 10% off temporary insurance for a whole year! You can use this for borrowing someone else’s car or if you need temporary cover on your own car.

How do I get my 10%? All you need to do is:
  1. Use Veygo for learner driver
  2. Pass your test
  3. Start a new quote
  4. Change your licence type to full
  5. Your 10% discount will be automatically applied
P.s – if you get stuck, we’re here to help, check out our help centre
Passed your test

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