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Great cars for new families

Here are the four cars that we at Veygo think are great family cars.

by Jemima Lewis

Driving those little ones around is a big job when you’re a parent – and you want to do it as safely but as stylishly as possible.


Nissan Qashqai

Price for a new car: £19,995 – £31,145

Price for a used car: £7,000 – £23,885

This car is a mix between a classic family hatchback and a 4X4 and can be argued as the beginning of the SUV-style car craze. It comes with blind spot technology and lane-keeping assistant to help those driving drive safer. It can also come with traffic-jam assist – however this is only with the automatic model. With a large boot and smart storage you’ll never have to leave anything at home again!


Volvo V60

Price for a new car: £32,410 – £38,270 or from £289/month

Price for a used car: £6,294 – £27,750

Volvo are known for their safety – and this car is no exception. Starting from next year, Volvo have announced speed limiters for all their new cars, with a maximum speed of 112mph. The V60 is a quiet and stylish ride, marketed as “the family ride”, which is great for those late-night journeys with children asleep in the back. With CO₂ emissions from 114g/km, this car is not only practical but doesn’t harm the environment as much as other models on the market.


VW Golf Estate

Price for a new car: £20,850.00 – £35,555.00

Price for a used car: £5,406 – £32,995

The Golf Estate is a stylish car which manages to seat 7 people – perfect for those family trips or driving the kids and their friends around. With park assist and ultrasound sensors, you’ll always be able to park well. This model also has blind spot sensors and front assist adaptive cruise control which allows for a safer drive.


Audi A6

Price for a new car: £38,640 – £42,000

Price for a used car: £10,177 – £39,990

Want a sophisticated and luxury car that’s still safe? Well, the Audi A6 is just that. This car comes with child seat anchors as standard, and with a large boot you’ll never be pushed for space for everything your little ones need. Parking system plus allows the driver to have a calculated steer with angles to help them park safely. A five-star Euro NCAP score allows you to relax in the knowledge that you’ll have a high level of safety – even if the worst did happen.


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Jemima Lewis

Hi I’m Jemima! I'm a new member of the Veygo team! Since passing my driving test I drive everywhere and love the freedom it gives me!

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