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What is the best way to watch the Carabao Cup Final?

Football fills the screens of almost every household throughout the UK; and 24th February won’t be any different. The Carabao Cup Final will see Chelsea and Manchester City fighting it out for the top spot, and will undoubtedly attract thousands of avid football fans.

by Jemima Lewis

The best way to watch the game (other than in the stadium!) is to go to your local pub with your friends, family, or both, and to have a responsible plan on how to do it. Here are a number of things to consider to make sure you have a fun-filled day watching the footie.

Getting a designated driver

There is nothing cooler than taking one for the team and making sure your friends get home safely.



Getting dropped off and picked up

Get dropped off by your own personal chauffeur, ready to watch your team win. Then, get picked up by another personal chauffer – ready to head off to the next destination either to continue the party, or drown your sorrows.


Wear your best football t-shirt

You can’t truly support your team without you and your mates donning your outfit, can you?



Find a pub showing the game

You’ve got to be prepped to save wasting time later – do your research, and make sure you go for a pub that’s showing the game.



Get there early

Getting the right seat is the most important part; a great view of the TV and a seat close enough to the bar is a hard combination to find if you get there late!



Get the rounds in

As you’ve organised your lift to and from the pub, you can have a few drinks while watching the match – so get the rounds in and treat yourself and your friends!



Watch the match

Watch in anticipation and hope you win!



When your team wins, celebrate with style (while also rubbing it in your opponents’ faces).



Jemima Lewis

Hi I’m Jemima! I'm a new member of the Veygo team! Since passing my driving test I drive everywhere and love the freedom it gives me!

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