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Top ways to be a good egg this Easter weekend

How can you be a good egg this Easter and help a learner pass their driving test?

by Jemima Lewis

The DVSA recommends at least 22 hours of private practice before you go for your test; alongside 45 hours of driving lessons with a good driving instructor. But can you be a good egg and help a learner driver gain those 22 hours of vital practice?

Give up your time

Getting that pink licence is hard. But its even harder trying to get it on your own. By helping someone out you


Help them study for their theory test

The practical test is only half the battle! Helping to study for the theory test will help defeat that first hurdle.


Share your car

To get those 22 hours of private practice a learner will need a car somehow! If you lend them your car (while supervising them) they’ll be well on their way to passing their test.


Give constructive criticism

Every driver makes mistakes, but it is the best way to learn. Giving constructive criticism to a learner will help them to pass their test.


Take them out driving regularly

It takes a lot of practice to pass a driving test, all of which needs to be supervised. Could you be a good egg and take them?


Be patient

Learning to drive doesn’t come in a day. Be patient and understanding when teaching someone how to drive and the results will come.


Enter our competition

It takes a good egg to know a good egg. Make sure you keep an eye out for our upcoming competition on Facebook for the chance to take another good egg out for dinner!



So, are you a good egg? If you are then recommend Learner Driver Insurance to help a learner driver pass their test!

Jemima Lewis

Hi I’m Jemima! I'm a new member of the Veygo team! Since passing my driving test I drive everywhere and love the freedom it gives me!

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