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Learner Drivers To Be Allowed On Motorways This Year

In an effort to encourage safe driving, in 2018 learner drivers are to be allowed on UK motorways.

by Louise Thomas

Last summer the Department for Transport (DfT) announced that from 2018 learner drivers in England, Wales and Scotland will be allowed to have lessons on the motorways for the first time. The changes will come into effect some time this year.

Encouraging safe driving

Learner drivers have never been allowed on UK motorways before. At the moment, motorway lessons are only available after you have passed your test. They are often undertaken as part of the Pass Plus scheme.

However, Pass Plus is a voluntary scheme. Many new drivers hit the motorway for the first time without any prior experience. This change will help make UK roads safer.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said:

“Allowing learners to drive on motorways in a supportive environment will help them develop a practical understanding of how to use motorways safely before driving independently.”

How the change will work

Any motorway lessons will be voluntary. It will be down to your instructor to decide if and when you are competent enough to have a motorway lesson.

You’ll need to be accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor in a car with dual controls. Trainee driving instructors won’t be able to take out pupils. This also means you can’t practice motorway driving with your parents.  Motorway driving will not appear on the driving test.

Remember, until the new law comes into effect, it’s still illegal for learners to be on to motorway.

What are the benefits of motorway driving lessons?

The changes will help learners become safer drivers after passing their test. In turn, this will make the motorway a safer place for all road users. As a learner driver you will have the opportunity to:

  • get broader driving experience before your test
  • receive training on using the motorway correctly
  • practice driving at higher speeds (up to 70mph)
  • put your theory knowledge into practice
  • feel confident driving on the motorway when you pass your test

The more experience the better

The more time you spend on the road, the more exposure to different scenarios you will gain. Experiencing a situation with an instructor or supervisor as a learner, will make the prospect less daunting when you hit the road solo. To gain experience outside of lessons, you can undertake private practice with a parent, friend or other family member with our short term insurance for learner drivers. This will give you the opportunity to practice what your instructor has already taught you. Remember that you won’t be allowed on the motorways without your instructor, and that you need the correct insurance before heading out in a private car.

Louise Thomas

Hi I'm Louise and I'm a Marketing Executive at Veygo. I've been driving for nearly two years after several "practice" tests! I love the freedom that comes with finally having a driving licence. Road trips with my friends are the best - especially when we've got an awesome playlist going! (check out our Spotify for road trip playlists!)

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