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Can I Supervise a Learner Driver?

Check if you are eligible to supervise a learner driver and understand your responsibilities as a supervisor.

by Louise Thomas

If your son or daughter is learning to drive, you may want to help them out by supervising them get some extra practice out of lessons. But what are the rules around supervising learner drivers?

How old must you be to supervise a learner driver?

The DVLA requires anyone supervising a learner driver to be at least 21 years old.

How long must I have held my licence to supervise a learner driver?

You must have held your full driving licence for 3 years, from countries in the EU or European Economic Area.  You must also be qualified to drive the type of vehicle the learner is practising in, i.e. you must hold a manual licence if they are practising in a manual transmission car.

Do I need to be insured to supervise a learner driver?

If you are supervising a learner driver and intend to drive the car at anytime you must be properly insured. All cars that are driven on public roads in the UK must be fully insured, taxed and hold a valid MOT certificate.

Can I use my phone while supervising a learner driver?

It is illegal for the person supervising a learner driver to use a mobile phone or device. Even though you aren’t behind the wheel, you will be giving the learner driver instructions. Consequently, you need to be aware of potential hazards as well as the speed at which the learner is driving. Using a mobile phone can draw attention away from the road and the learner.

Am I allowed to receive payment from the learner driver for my time?

No, in order to receive payment for supervising a learner driver you must be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). If you are helping out from the kindness of your heart, you will have to make do with a thank you and a box of chocolates.

What are my responsibilities when supervising a learner driver?

As the supervising driver, you are deemed to be in control of the vehicle, even though you are a passenger. As such, it is your responsibility to:

  • Ensure the car is in a safe and legal condition – this will also help the learner get into the habit of performing regular checks
  • Ensure the car clearly displays L plates (or D plates in Wales) when the learner is driving
  • Comply with road traffic laws as though you were driving e.g. you may not supervise while under the influence of drink or drugs
  • Ensure that you meet the minimum eyesight standards – can you read a number plate from 20 metres away?
  • Ensure that the learner driver is properly insured and that you are also insured if you intend to drive the vehicle at any time.

Can learner drivers practice at night?

Yes, there are no time restrictions on when learners can hit the roads. It can be helpful for learners to practice driving in the dark before attempting it solo as a new driver.

Can learner drivers carry passengers?

Yes, learner drivers can carry passengers as long as the number does not exceed the maximum limit of the vehicle. However, be aware that passengers can be a distraction to even the most experienced driver.

Can I insure my child or friend to practice in my car?

Yes! You can add them to your policy as a named driver or you purchase Learner Driver Insurance online which will cover them to practice in your car. The main features of Learner Driver Insurance are:

  • Cover is available from 2 hours to 90 days and is available to start instantly
  • The learner will have their own policy meaning if they were to have an accident your No Claims Bonus is not effected
  • Fully comprehensive cover offers peace of mind for you and the learner
  • You can extend an existing policy or buy more cover online, so there is no need to wait on the phone

Get a quote for Learner Driver Insurance in less than two minutes today.

Louise Thomas

Hi I'm Louise and I'm a Marketing Executive at Veygo. I've been driving for nearly two years after several "practice" tests! I love the freedom that comes with finally having a driving licence. Road trips with my friends are the best - especially when we've got an awesome playlist going! (check out our Spotify for road trip playlists!)

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