Your website isn’t recognising my registration

Sorry about that! 

There are a few reasons why we might not be recognising your registration… 

Firstly, always check you’ve entered the correct letters and numbers. We’re often mixing our O’s and 0’s!  

If you’ve definitely entered the correct registration, please check your car is registered on this website. If it isn’t, then you will need to contact the DVLA, to register it, before we can give you a quote. 

If your car is brand new, we usually get these updates on the 27th of the month, so give it another go after this date. We can’t add cars manually either sorry, but we’re working to speed this issue up. Thanks for bearing with us! 
 If your car is an import or is over 30 years old, then we’re really sorry but we can’t cover these. 
If your car is neither of the above, it’s registered and you’ve entered the details correctly, drop us an email at – include your car reg and we’ll have a look into it.