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Don't drive often? Take the power back on your car insurance.

We’re fed up of sensible, low mileage drivers paying too much for car insurance. With CarBud, you track your own driving to show insurers that you’re not a high-mileage driver.  

You decide who to share the data with. Save big money on your insurance costs by showing insurers that you don’t drive often or you’re a better driver than they think.

Want to learn more?  

Take control of your driving data 

Track your own driving, including the times you drive, how often, and what roads you use. You can see this in our Veygo app. 

Get optional Veygo car insurance. 

Start tracking your driving on CarBud and choose whether you want to subscribe to Veygo car insurance at the same time. It’s completely optional.  

Save big on car insurance 

Some insurers give discounts for low mileage drivers. You can use the CarBud data to show insurers you’re a low usage driver and save big on your premiums.  


Connect to price comparison websites 

Want to share your Carbud data with insurers? Simply connect it to your price comparison website accounts.  

Put money aside for car costs 

Use CarBud saving pots to start saving for expected car costs – such as an MOT, a change of tires, servicing and more! 

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We need your help

This bit is easy! We have a few simple, yes or no style questions that will ask what you would be willing to do lower your price. For this to work, we may need our customers to be more involved with their insurance. We’re not talking spy cameras or intrusive tracking, just simple things you can do day to day. 


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Get involved!

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