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COVID-19 update - We are still here for you, but just take a sec to think if you really need to drive today. If you need to chat to us - Here is how


Sorry, Veygo rentals is closed right now

In light of the UK Government’s recent announcement regarding non-essential travel, we have made the decision to not take new rentals bookings for the foreseeable future.

Don’t worry, as soon as it’s safe, we’ll be back.


UK car rentals

Average car hire prices for as little as £32.77 a day for 21-25 year olds.*

Veygo rentals

*based on the average price 11,074 Veygo customers aged 21-25 would pay to rent a Fiat 500 for 3 days (January 2020).

In partnership with   Europcar
We are part of the Admiral Group   Admiral Group
We are part of the Admiral Group  
In partnership with  

Want to know more? Take a look...

How does Veygo Rentals work?

trip start
Step 1: Trip Start

Select the location, time and date of your rental and we’ll show you cars available in your area.

price tag
Step 2: See a price

We’ll show you an estimated total cost of your rental. The insurance is already included so there are no hidden costs!

Step 3: Book your car

Create an account to complete the rest of your details for a final price, you’ll need your driving licence number. Already a Veygo customer? Just log in.

Monthly car insurance
Step 4: Car pick up

Pay for everything online. Then, on the day, just head to your selected branch to pick up the keys and enjoy your rental.

Step 5: You're covered

The standard excess is £750 with comprehensive insurance from Admiral. If there's an accident, we’ll handle your claim.

Great prices for 21-25 year olds

We offer affordable rentals with a clear breakdown of what you’re paying for. We’re experts at insurance so we look at you as an individual, which often means we’re more affordable for good drivers.  Check out what most of our customers pay.

All prices based on what most of 11,074 Veygo
customers aged 21-25 would pay to rent a Fiat
500 for the displayed days (January 2020).

Your estimated price





Why is Veygo Rentals different?

We offer…

The price you see is the price you pay, no hidden charges when you collect the car

No rental surcharges for young drivers

One clear excess of £750 that’s not charged unless a claim is made

If have an accident on the road or the car is stolen, our experts will handle your claim

No credit card necessary to collect your car


Traditional rentals...

You may be asked to pay for extras when you collect the car from the rental branch

Young drivers usually face a surcharge which makes renting expensive

Normally holds your money for a deposit before you rent and excess could vary across companies

If something goes wrong, you may have to deal with the rental company and a third party

Usually requires a credit card to collect your car

Who are we?

Veygo rentals offers affordable short-term car rental which includes full comprehensive insurance for drivers over 21. We are proud to be part of the Admiral Group; voted Best UK Car Insurance Provider six years in a row by The Personal Finance Awards.

Frequently asked questions

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    Why is Veygo rentals closed?

    In light of the UK Government’s recent announcement regarding non-essential travel and the continued uncertainty surrounding the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on businesses, we have made the decision to not take new rental bookings for the forseeable future.

    The situation is rapidly evolving and so our plans may change. When they do, we’ll let you know. Don’t worry, as soon as it safe, we’ll be back.

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    Are there mileage restrictions for Veygo rentals?

    There are no mileage restrictions on our Veygo Rentals. Just drive away and return the car as you found it!

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    What would my excess charge be, and can I reduce it?

    The excess is fixed at £750, unfortunately it can't be reduced.

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    What deposit do I need to pay for a Veygo Rental?

    You will pay the full price during checkout, there will be no additional charges or deposit to pay when you pick up a car at the branch.

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    What are the licence requirements to rent a car?

    How long do I need to have held my licence?

    You need to have held your licence for a minimum of 6 months if you are 25 years old or younger. If you are 26 or older, there is no minimum length of licence requirement.

    Can I rent if I have points on my licence?

    Yes, you can, but there are many other factors which are taken into consideration.

    Can I rent with a Northern Ireland licence?

    No, Veygo Rentals is only available to drivers holding a full GB licence

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    Where can I find a policy book and T&Cs?

    You can have a flick through our policy book, and check out the legal stuff like rentals T&Cs.

Need more help?  Check out our help centre.

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