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Mean Girls
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10 Ways to Celebrate Mean Girls Day

14 years ago today, Aaron Samuels asked Cady a very important question – what day is it?

by Eilidh

Happy Mean Girls Day! This year, October 3rd is extra special because it falls on a Wednesday – so we have to wear pink, of course! Wondering how to celebrate one of the best teen flicks of all time? We’ve got some ideas.

1. Go Shopping

It’s time to jump in the car with all of your girls and head to the shops!

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2. Wear Pink

This year, October 3rd is on a Wednesday! This gives us the amazing opportunity because, as everyone knows, the plastics wear pink on Wednesdays. 💁

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3. Make ‘Fetch’ Happen

Prove Regina wrong and MAKE fetch happen. If you don’t say ‘that’s soooo fetch’ at least 10 times today, you’re doing it wrong…

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4. Get Some Cheese Fries

Regina taught us that when the calorie counting becomes too much, just get some cheese fries! In 2017, Tina Fey passed out free cheese fries on Mean Girls Day – she’s doing it right!

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5. Have An Early Halloween Party

It’s the month of Halloween – why not have an early Mean Girls-esque Halloween party? Whether you go for a sexy bunny or a zombie “ex-wife”, I’m sure you’ll fit right in.

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6. Do the Mathletes Rap

Another option is to do the Jingle Bell Rock routine, but we all know that the Mathlete’s rap was the real winner of the talent competition. You can find the lyrics here.

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7. Tell Somebody That Their Hair Looks Sexy Pushed Back

Tell somebody, or tell everybody!

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8. Dance to Milkshake

While the song may not be age-appropriate for Regina’s little sister, we know that it’s a banger! Whether you’re blasting it in the car or rocking out to it at home, this song is essential to any Mean Girls Day celebration.

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9. Make Out With A Hot Dog

IT ONLY HAS TO BE ONE TIME! But beware, it may come back to haunt you forever.

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10. Watch Mean Girls

Duh! This is the most obvious way to celebrate, but also the best way. Gather masses of munchies and get the girls together for a Mean Girls home screening. Don’t bother trying to watch Mean Girls 2, though, unless you want to be severely disappointed.

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