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Insurance. This time it's personal.

I'm a new driver. Why is my insurance so expensive?

Have you been hit with a huge price for insurance as a new driver? Are you fed up with insurance seeming like a dark art?

You’re not alone. We’ve spoken to loads of people and they all think it’s unfair.

Here is why…

Your price is set for a year, so it doesn't account for your regular improvements.

There's no transparency around what your price is based on

There's no guidance on how to become a better risk

What if we could do something different?

We know what it’s like, you’ve just smashed your test and you’re ready to get on the road. You’ve never felt more confident in your driving but insurance companies still want to charge huge rates to cover you.

What if we could give you back control and let you choose the things you’re willing to do in order to reduce your insurance? At Veygo we want to make something different. Something that gives you back the control and lets you decide what you do and don’t want. Letting you choose exactly what goes into your plan. Sounds good right?

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