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Treat your mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to show your mum just how much you appreciate her – and what better way to do that than with some fun activities?

by Jemima Lewis

Wondering what to do this Mother’s Day? Celebrate your mum by treating her to something fun! Need some inspiration? Check out our ideas!


1. Go for a walk/bike ride

Going for a walk or a bike ride as a family is a great way to spend the day together – while also getting in that important exercise! Even just a springtime stroll through the park to see the new blooming flowers is a lovely way to spend time together. Get in the car and head somewhere new that you haven’t visited before!


2. Hold a barbeque

Get all the family round, especially all the mums, and hold a party to celebrate their successes and show them you appreciate them! If your relatives live all over the place, make a family trip out of it and rent a car to get the gang together. If the weather isn’t quite what you expected, then you can just move the party inside!


3. Make her breakfast in bed

Give your mum the joy of breakfast in bed. She can relax, chill out, and enjoy the food you’ve lovingly made for her. Can’t cook? No worries, drive to the closest shop, buy a breakfast, and pan it off as your own!


4. Go on a road trip

Have you always said you’ve really wanted to go somewhere together? Well now is your excuse to go! Rent a car or borrow your mum’s with car sharing insurance and take her away for the day. Or, if you’re really feeling adventurous, make a weekend out of it.


5. Do something new

Go somewhere new. Try that new restaurant. Visit that park you’ve never been to. Go to that play you’ve always talked about seeing together. Make the most of new and exciting experiences!


6. Go to a spa day

Want a nice relaxing day? Take your mum to the spa and get pampered. Give her a relaxing, quiet day to unwind and enjoy.


7. Do whatever she wants to do

Most importantly, do whatever she wants to. Even if it isn’t what you would typically enjoy, this day is about her. Whether it’s going on a long drive together to meaningful place, or binge-watching her favourite show, simply enjoy spending time with your mum in the way that she likes best!Go for a walk/bike ride



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Jemima Lewis

Hi I’m Jemima! I'm a new member of the Veygo team! Since passing my driving test I drive everywhere and love the freedom it gives me!

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