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18 Reasons to Pass Your Driving Test

It’s not too late to make a new year’s resolution! Here’s why we think passing your driving test should be top of your list this year.

by Louise Thomas

Maybe you’ve just turned 17, or perhaps you’ve been hanging onto your provisional licence for some years now. Either way, if you’ve been dithering over learning to drive, what’s the hold up? Passing your driving test is a massive achievement and can change your life. Still need convincing? Here are 18 reasons you should pass your driving test in 2018.

1. You can go through the drive thru!

Maccies, Starbies…whatever you fancy! We don’t recommend making this a regular habit, but it’s definitely a (tasty) pro of passing your test.

2. You don’t have to leave parties early to catch the last train

There’s no FOMO like being forced to leave a party that’s just getting started. If you’ve passed your test, you can drive and leave when you want to. Just remember to stick to soft drinks if you do decide to drive.

3. You don’t have to endure the weird people on the last train

Speaking of last trains, they’re usually full of people your mum would refer to as “characters”. They’re often drunk and rowdy, and not who you want to share a carriage with. If you’re driving, you can choose your own passengers.

4. You don’t have to walk to the station or bus stop in the rain

There’s no changing the fact that Britain is an especially rainy island. If you need to walk all the way to the station or bus stop, wait for the transport to arrive, and then get off and walk some more, there’s a solid chance you’ll arrive at your destination soaking wet.

5. You don’t have to pretend to be asleep to stop a random person taking the empty seat next to you

We’ve all been there. You’re sat on a coach where every row is taken by one person, when someone else gets on and has to choose who to sit next to. You can bet that it’s going to be you and you’ll spend the rest of the journey squashed into your always too small seat. Once you can drive, you can travel in (what feels like) luxury.

6. You can use the line “I’ll pick you up at 8” 😉

Lucky you! You’ve got a hot date with the guy/girl of your dreams. Oh wait, you can’t drive and have to get the bus, or worse… a lift off your mum! Imagine how much better it’ll be if you rock up in a set of wheels.

7. You can sing like Beyonce and nobody can judge you

There’s a diva inside everybody waiting to be unleashed! If you start belting out a tune on public transport you might get some funny looks. Driving solo is the best time do sing your heart out, with nobody to judge your music taste of talent. Unless of course you’re stopped at a light with the window down…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

8. It’s even cooler than sitting at the back of the bus

If you’re still in college or sixth form, you’ll know that there is a hierarchy when it comes to travel. Seats at the back of the bus are highly prized and strictly reserved for the “cool kids”. The only way to top that hierarchy? Roll up in a car instead.

9. You can travel farther afield

Freedom is often the primary motivation for passing your driving test. Public transport usually isn’t that great outside of urban areas. If you fancy a trip to the beach or the countryside it can be hard to do without a car! A full driving licence is a pass to freedom.

10. You might discover a hidden talent. Parallel parking? Easy.

Having a talent is something to be proud of and makes you feel good. If you don’t feel like you’ve found yours yet, it could be driving! Trust us, the ability to park perfectly is a much admired skill.

11. The later you leave it the harder it gets!

Learning to drive is much easier in your teens. Although you have more money to pay for your own lessons as an adult, you also have less time to devote to practice and less chance of passing first time. Our research shows that after a person is 18, for every year older they are, their pass rate decreases by 0.43%.

12. You can return the favour

If your friends start driving before you, chances are you’ll end up getting lots of lifts from them. Once you pass your driving test, you can start repaying all the lifts you owe!

13. It’s a life skill – it can even look good on your CV!

Driving a car is like riding a bike. It’s an important life skill even if it’s not one you need to use straight away or regularly (e.g. if you live in a city with excellent transport links). Once you’ve passed your test you’re set for life, unless you do something seriously wrong and need to re-take it! It boosts your CV and broadens the selection of jobs you can apply for in many industries. Additionally it means you can hire a car abroad to allow you to make the most of your travels!

14. You won’t have to sit in the back seat!

Don’t you hate it when you’re cramped in the back, and struggling keep up with the conversation in the front? If you’re driving, you’re guaranteed a seat up front and you don’t have to suffer from not calling shotgun!

15. You can go where you want, when you want.

Once you’ve passed your driving test, you’ll no longer have to plan your life around bus and train timetables. No more being early or late for everything depending on bus times, or having to wait around when you’re ready to leave. Just hop behind the wheel and go by your own time!

16. You won’t get embarrassed when brandishing your green licence as ID

Having a provisional licence is the first step towards becoming a driver. However, there’s always at least one person who heckles you whenever your present it as a form of ID, especially if you’ve had it for years!

17. You’ll have more time!

The biggest problem with taking public transport is the sheer amount of time it takes. In addition to the waiting time, there’s also the fact that it never goes directly to where you’re headed. You often need to change busses or trains, and still walk some distance when you arrive. Hopping into a car and driving straight to your destination is so much quicker!

18. You’ll save money on insurance in the long term.

Most people will end up buying a car of their own eventually. When that time comes you’ll need to insure it which can be pretty pricey. Generally, the longer you’ve held your licence, the cheaper your insurance could be. This is why it’s worth passing your test sooner rather than later, even if you don’t plan on getting a car.

If you won’t buy a car after passing your test, you can keep on top of your skills with short term car insurance. You can borrow your mate’s or a family member’s car from 1  hour to 30 days and enjoy the freedom of a full licence without the cost or hassle of a car!

Where do I start?

We’ve written a complete guide to getting started with learning to drive here. However the key to actually passing your test is practice, practice and more practice! Lessons can get expensive, so once you your instructor thinks you are ready, you can begin to supplement lessons with private practice. With Veygo short term insurance for learner drivers, you can practice everything you have learned with your instructor, in a friend or family member’s car.

With a great instructor, and plenty of practice, we are confident that you can make 2018 the year your pass your driving test!

Louise Thomas

Hi I'm Louise and I'm a Marketing Executive at Veygo. I've been driving for nearly two years after several "practice" tests! I love the freedom that comes with finally having a driving licence. Road trips with my friends are the best - especially when we've got an awesome playlist going! (check out our Spotify for road trip playlists!)

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