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Tips for managing road rage

Getting annoyed behind the wheel can happen to all of us, but how do you deal with it?

by Jemima Lewis

Did you know that around 71% of people have lost concentration at the wheel in the past year due to stress or annoyance? This isn’t good! But how can we deal with road rage?


Do you have road rage?

Be forgiving

Forgive the driver you’re annoyed at. It could just be a simple mistake at the wheel. Have you ever made a mistake? Yes – all of us make mistakes from time to time. So, remember that, and forgive them for their error.


Think about who’s in the car

Think to yourself, who’s in that car? They could have just passed their test, and this is their first ever journey on their own. You don’t know why they’re driving the way they are. Getting annoyed may only make their situation worse.


Be prepared

Prepare your journey. Leave with lots of time to make sure you don’t become stressed if you’re late. A major cause for road rage is anxiety – being anxious we’re going to miss or be late for our appointment can be a major cause, and simply by giving ourselves more time we can avoid this.



Dealing with road rage aimed at you

It’s nothing personal

They don’t know who you are. It’s most likely something small that they’ve become angry at. Just ignore them, stay safe, and carry on with your drive.


Don’t retaliate

If someone’s being aggressive towards you, try not to take notice of them. Getting angry yourself is going to make your drive more stressful. Simply assess your driving and continue your journey.


Assess your driving

Are you doing something wrong? Did you forget to indicate? Double check that you’re doing everything right to prevent it from happening again.


Let them go

If they’re tailgating or driving aggressively behind you, find a safe place to pull over and let them pass. It’ll only take a few seconds and will make your journey much less stressful.


If you’re worried about road rage, read our article about defensive driving and how you can stay away from danger.

Just remember, getting annoyed isn’t going to change what just happened. So relax, and be forgiving to both drivers who make a mistake, and those who are annoyed at you. Concentrate on your journey and where you’re going – not the stress of the drive.

Jemima Lewis

Hi I’m Jemima! I'm a new member of the Veygo team! Since passing my driving test I drive everywhere and love the freedom it gives me!

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