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It’s Veygo’s First Birthday!

Celebrate our first birthday and a year of Veygo growth and achievement with us today!

by Louise Thomas

12th October 2018 marks a very special day at Veygo HQ. It has been one year since we launched Veygo! It has been a hectic year, full of challenges and exciting developments as we build new features for you, our customers. To celebrate this special day, we thought we’d take a stroll down memory lane to remember everything we’ve achieved so far, and bring you along with us…

In the beginning there was… Mooviu?

Before there was Veygo, there was Admiral Car Sharing Insurance and Learner Driver Insurance. The products were good, but we wanted more. We wanted to provide drivers without cars with the ultimate flexible and affordable solution. Our customers are not consumers of traditional insurance and don’t own cars of their own, whether they’re still learning to drive, or they’re a young professional living in a city who doesn’t need a car all the time. We wanted to create a brand new one-stop shop to service all of your needs, and so it began.

We knew that we wanted a new brand, something fun and not reminiscent of boring, traditional insurance. It took a long time to come up with the perfect name. CarStream? Sounds like an air freshener. How about Zekeys? Turns out that only works with a French accent. Maybe Mooviu was the one? You lot agreed that it sounded like a dairy product.🐮🐮🐮 Eventually, with your help we decided upon our favourite – Veygo.

Our journey so far

The team

Building an insurance product, and servicing our customers takes a lot of people! When Admiral Car Sharing Insurance launched nearly two years ago, we were a tiny team of seven. When we launched Veygo in 2017 we had already grown to 21. Now, as Veygo turns one year old the #VEYGANG now has a massive 44 members! We’re all passionate about and committed to the growth of Veygo, and continuing to build innovative new insurance solutions for drivers.

The #Veygang in October 2017

New features

Our customers are at the heart of all the work the #VEYGANG does. Over the last 12 months, we’ve listened to you to help inform the features we release and the direction in which we grow. Here are just a few examples of features we’ve built to improve your Veygo experience.

Upgrade your licence!

Lots of our Learner Driver Insurance customers passed their test and wanted to keep borrowing a car with Car Sharing Insurance. However, sometimes our website had trouble accepting that your licence had changed. In March 2018 we fixed this issue and released a new journey to allow you to “upgrade your licence” from provisional to full.

Additionally, to thank you for being loyal customers and also to say well done, we decided to give all our Learner Driver Insurance customers 10% off Car Sharing policies for a whole year! 🎉

Logged in customer flow

Purchasing car insurance can be a lengthy process and sometimes it feels like it takes forever. We’ve tried to make this journey as effortless as possible, by eliminating many questions insurers usually ask, and only keeping the ones we need to provide you with cover. However, our regular customers told us that it was a pain having to fill in their details every time they bought.

This was an obvious fix we could release to improve our customer journey. We designed a brand new flow for logged in customers which was released in August 2018. It eliminated many steps from the quote engine and cut the time it takes to purchase, by not making you re-enter your details.

An app you say?

Speaking of regular customers, one of the most frequent questions we received was “when will there be an app?” You can find food, a taxi or even a hot date on an app. Why shouldn’t you be able to purchase insurance on one too?

We did already have an app available, but it wasn’t as slick and easy as we wanted and was outdated in terms of tech and design, so we decided to build a new one (RIP Veygo app v.1).

In March 2018 we released our new app. We completely revamped the user experience by integrating more native features and making our question flow as smooth as possible!

Our new and improved app

Veygo Rentals

Our goal is to help drivers get behind the wheel without owning a car. It’s all good and well borrowing a friend or family member’s car, but what if it’s not available, doesn’t suit your needs, or you don’t have someone to lend you one? We needed a solution for those drivers.

Our solution was Veygo Rentals. Veygo Rentals was launched in early October 2018, just before our first birthday. Veygo Rentals offers affordable car hire which includes fully comprehensive insurance for drivers over 21.

Most of our customers are young, so it was important to us to build a rental service that even young drivers could use, as they’re often excluded from the market just because they’re under 25. We know that your age alone does not dictate your risk, so by partnering with Europcar to provide the vehicles and insuring them ourselves, we’re able to offer affordable car rentals to drivers over 21.

By keeping the service online, like our existing products, we’ve eliminated the annoying unexpected surprises at the counter. There are no excess waivers, no additional insurance, or hefty last minute terms and conditions.

What’s next for Veygo?

The Veygo team has no plans to slow down any time soon! We are still committed to building for the future of motor insurance and helping you access cars at all stages in your driving journey, from getting your provisional licence at 17, to maybe one day purchasing a car of your own.

Listening to our customers will continue to be at the heart of what we do and we’ll carry on delivering new features to improve their journey, and meet their insurance needs. We hope to continue to grow our team and the products we offer our customers, both existing and future.

Thank you for your custom and support over the last 12 months, and we look forward to bringing you along as we drive into the future!

Most of the #Veygang now

Louise Thomas

Hi I'm Louise and I'm a Marketing Executive at Veygo. I've been driving for nearly two years after several "practice" tests! I love the freedom that comes with finally having a driving licence. Road trips with my friends are the best - especially when we've got an awesome playlist going! (check out our Spotify for road trip playlists!)

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