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Drug Driving – What Is The Law?

Drug driving causes around 200 deaths per year, but young people are still unaware of the law surrounding it.

by Eilidh

In March 2015, there was a big change in how drug drivers are caught and convicted. Police now have access to roadside tests that could detect cannabis and cocaine. They can also take suspects back to the station, even if they passed the roadside tests, to test for other drugs. If you’re convicted of drug driving, you could face a minimum 12 month driving ban, a large fine and/or prison time.

However, according to Good Egg, young people in England & Wales are still largely unaware of the change in the law. During their sixth form car safety lessons, only one student of around 1,000 was able to articulate the changes in legislation. In contrast, the majority of their Scottish Students were aware of the changes. Good Egg suggests that this difference is due to a major TV, radio and social media campaign, which raised awareness in Scotland.

The law has led to an increase in numbers of people caught drug driving. Between March 2015, when the new law was introduced, and January 2018, almost 25,000 drug-drivers have been caught. The most common drug found was cannabis, with 8,336 drivers testing positive. The second most common was cocaine, with another 3064 drivers testing positive.

Here’s a full list of illegal drugs that could get you prosecuted:

Lysergic acid diethylamide

It’s not just getting caught having illegal drugs in your system that could get you into trouble, though. There are also plenty of prescription drugs that are tested for and could see you prosecuted if you’re over the limit. There are different limits for each drug in your system. You can see the limits here.

Legal drugs that you need to be wary of:


Now that you’re all clued up on the law, check out our Car Sharing Insurance, available from 1 hour to 30 days.


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